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Tendering Results

Stagecoach London tendering results have been as follows:


Announced 1st February 2013


Routes 165, 179, 252 and 365 have been gained from First and route 256 has been gained from Arriva.  The 179 will operate from Leyton, the others from Rainham, although a final decision is to be made on the 365.  A mix of old and new buses will be used, plus 19 Scanias released by recent losses.



Announced on 12 April 2013


Route 51 has been retained at Plumstead, using existing vehicles.


Routes 261, R5, R7 and R10 have been gained on new five year contracts, due to start at the end of this year.  New Enviro 400s will be ordered for the 261 and E200s for the R routes.  These routes will be based at Bromley garage.


Announced on 13th May 2013

Routes 96, 472, 601 and 612 have been retained on new five year contracts.  New vehicles will be acquired and operation will remain at Plumstead.


Announced on 29th August.

Routes 54 and 75 have been awarded new five year contracts, taking over from Metrobus.  These routes will return to Catford in Spring 2014.

Routes 262, 372, 396 and 473 have been retained on new five year contracts.


Announced 19th December 2013.

Route 8 has been retained, using New Buses for London in driver-only mode.  The contract is due to start in June 2014.


Announced 9th January 2014.

Routes 205 and N205 have been retained, using new ADL E40H hybrid buses.  The contract is also due to start in June 2014.