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Here you can read about any timetable amendments, road closures, route introductions and other changes within your selected operating area.


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Monday 14th April 2014

Last Updated : 23 April 2014 11:23

Changes to Fares - Monday 14th April 2014

We have managed to hold our fares for a full year. Following a review, most will increase from Monday 14th April 2014.

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Beat the increase!

All our online tickets are frozen which makes a Bay megarider £11.84 per week with megarider Xtra. Click here to find out more

On bus tickets up to £3 will generally increase by 5p or 10p
On bus tickets up to £5 will generally increase by 10p or 20p
On bus tickets over £5 will generally increase by 20p or 30p

Daily and weekly travel tickets will be as follows:

Bay dayrider (adult) £4.75
Bay dayrider (group) £9.90
Bay dayrider plus £6.70

Bay megarider £14.20
Bay megarider plus £20.00

1 day Explorer (adult) £10.50
1 day Explorer (child) £7.50
1 day Explorer (concessions) £7.50
1 day Explorer (family) £25.00
1 day Explorer (group) £30.00

North West megarider gold 7 day £26.70

Service changes effective Sunday 16th February 2014

Stagecoach in Lancaster will introduce further improvements to local services as a result of customer feedback. The following services are affected:

Service 3, 4 & 3A

• Service 4 will no longer serve Lancaster Railway Station.
• Monday to Saturday daytime Service 3A has been introduced and serves Lancaster Railway Station from the University every 30-minutes.  The Service continues from the Railway Station back to the University via Lancaster Bus Station as Service 3.  Please be advised that early morning journeys on Saturday's differ from the Monday - Friday timetable.
• University operation dates have also been extended to support staff & students still on campus during vacation time. ‘UNI’ journeys will operate for 1 week after and 1 week before the University times.

Further minor changes will be made to Service 3A/3 in the coming weeks.  Changes will be that Service 3A will terminate at Lancaster Railway Station.  A 'new' Service 3A will commence from the Railway Station to the University via The Quay & Lancaster Bus Station, replacing the current 15 & 45 minutes past each hour Service 3.  This will reduce the current journey timeS between the Railway Station and the University from 33 minutes to 27 minutes.

Click here for updated 3/4 timetable

Service 40/41

• Service 41 will now serve Lancaster University in both directions via the University Underpass & Alexandra Park.
• Service 41 will now operate to/from Morecambe.
• Service 41A will no longer operate being replaced by Service 41.
• There will be minor timetable changes to Service 40/41 to improve punctuality. some early morning journeys will operate earlier.
• Sunday Service 40 will operate to a new timetable serving the University Underpass and Alexandra Park.

Click here for updated 40/41 timetable

Service 42

• There will be minor timetable changes to early morning journeys to improve punctuality of arrival times to the University.

Click here for updated 42 timetable

Service 6/6A

• There will be a route change in the Morecambe Town Centre area and also timetable revisions across the whole of this service in order to improve the overall punctuality.
• Some early morning journeys towards Lancaster will operate earlier.
• The revised Sunday service will operate via ASDA and HAMPSFELL DRIVE.

Click here for updated 6/6A timetable

Service 81A/81B

• The 1645 Mon-Fri journey from Lancaster has been re-timed to arrive in Kirkby Lonsdale at 1750 in order to improve punctuality. It will still depart Lancaster at 1645, however some intermediate timing points have changed. Consequently, the 1742 journey from Kirkby Lonsdale will depart at 1800.

Click here for updated 81/81B timetable

Service 55/55A

The 55 and 55A morning journeys to Ripley St Thomas Academy will operate earlier.

Click here for updated 55/55A timetable 

Download the NEW Bay Network Map 

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Download Where to Catch Your Bus in Morecambe Town Centre

The maps are valid from 16th February 2014