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Megarider in Teesside

Buy your megarider online!

Where does it go?

Megarider offers unlimited travel on all Stagecoach buses within the Teesside area! (Mind, if you’re travelling through to Hartlepool, then you’ll need to purchase a Megarider Plus). For full details of the areas covered, click here.

Remember, with Megarider there are no time restrictions, a photocard isn't required, and it can be bought from your Stagecoach driver when you board. Nice and simple!

What do they cost?



Valid throughout the boroughs of Middlesbrough and Stockton (including Billingham and Thornaby) - with boundaries at Owington Farm and Greatham Creek.
Only £11.80 for 7 days.

Megarider Plus

Megarider Plus

As well as being valid throughout the Teesside, Megarider Plus is also valid on Stagecoach buses to and within Hartlepool too!
Only £14.60 for 7 days.

Where can I get one?

7-day Megarider and Megarider Plus can be bought on any Stagecoach On Teesside bus, or from our Travelshop at 79 High Street, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1AF. No photocard required.

How about if I want one for a longer period?

4, 13 & 52 week Megarider and Megarider Plus are only available to buy at

Megarider Piggy Bank

The prices of these longer-period tickets are as follows:

4-week Megarider costs only £44.00
4-week Megarider Plus costs only £54.80
13-week Megarider costs only £139.00
13-week Megarider Plus costs only £171.50
52-week Megarider costs only £528.00
52-week Megarider Plus costs only £658.00