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Dayrider tickets

Our simple range of Dayrider tickets can be the ideal way for customers to save money when making more than one journey in the day.

Dayrider offers unlimited travel on the Stagecoach and Magic Bus network in Greater Manchester, including night services. The benefit to the Dayrider ticket is that once you have bought it you won't have to look for change or worry about the fare for any other Stagecoach or Magic Bus journeys that day.

Buy your ticket from the bus driver for the day of purchase, it is valid until 04:00 hours the following day.

TicketPrice Description



For anyone

Dayrider Plus One


For one adult and one child* travelling together

Group Dayrider


For up to 2 adults and 3 children travelling as a group

A half price Dayrider is available from the driver priced £2.00 and is only available for those passengers who qualify for half fare whose journey is within Greater Manchester. Passengers who qualify are children aged 16** and under travelling within Greater Manchester and TfGM Orange Concessionary pass holders who need to travel before 0930 Monday to Friday.

The half price Dayrider is not available to Scholars Permit holders.
The half price Dayrider is not valid for over 60 TfGM concessionary pass holders or for journeys in Derbyshire or Cheshire.

* Children under 16. You may need to prove your age using photographic ID such as a igo card, B_line card or passport.

** igo pass
If you're aged 11 to 16 you will need an TfGM igo pass to purchase and travel using a half price Dayrider.
For more details of the igo pass click here (pdf).

Prices correct as at 10 September 2015.



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