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Our fares changed on 17th May 2015.

Megarider is a ticket designed to save you money and make regular travelling with Stagecoach in Merseyside, Cheshire & South Lancashire as easy as possible- simply choose the ticket and payment option that suits you best.

With the launch of the StagecoachSmart travel card in Lancashire we have introduced more methods to buy and use your megarider ticket, including our new megarider Xtra offering you the best value megarider ticket.

Through megarider Xtra you can set up a recurring payment, which will be debited from your debit/credit card on the same date each month. Your StagecoachSmart card will hold your live megarider ticket until the recurring payment is cancelled.

Click here for our Guide to Fares & Tickets leaflet

Step 1 - Choose your ticket based on where you are travelling

There are several ticket choices in Merseyside, Cheshire & South Lancashire

  • Chester megarider - valid on all Stagecoach buses within Chester City Centre see map
  • megarider plus - valid on all Stagecoach buses within Cheshire & Merseyside (Liverpool & Wirral) see zone map
  • Chorley megarider - valid on all Stagecoach buses within Chorley Centre see map
  • Chorley megarider plus - valid on all Stagecoach buses within Chorley and surrounding areas see map
  • Fylde Coast megarider - valid on all Stagecoach buses within Fylde Coast see map
  • Preston Citirider - Valid on all Stagecoach buses within Preston City Centre see map
  • Preston  megarider - valid on all Stagecoach buses within Preston and surrounding areas see map
  • North West megarider Gold - Valid on all Stagecoach buses within Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cumbria and more!
To view our Tickets zone map please click here

Step 2 - Choose how you want to buy


Megarider - 7 days

Ticket typePriceDelivery
Chester megarider£10.00SmartcardBuy now
megarider Plus+£13.50SmartcardBuy now
Chorley megarider£10.00SmartcardBuy now
Chorley megarider Plus+£16.00SmartcardBuy now
125/109 megarider£20.00SmartcardBuy now
125 Horwich to Bolton megarider£8.00SmartcardBuy now
Longridge megarider£14.50SmartcardBuy now
Fylde Coast megarider£14.00SmartcardBuy now
Preston citirider£10.50SmartcardBuy now
Preston megarider£16.00SmartcardBuy now
North West megarider Gold£27.30SmartcardBuy now


Megarider - 4 week

Ticket typePriceDelivery
Chester megarider£36.00SmartcardBuy now
megarider Plus+£48.00SmartcardBuy now
Chorley megarider£34.50SmartcardBuy now
Chorley megarider Plus+£58.00SmartcardBuy now
125/109 megarider£74.00SmartcardBuy now
125 Bolton to Horwich megarider£29.00SmartcardBuy now
Fylde Coast megarider£50.00SmartcardBuy now
Longridge megarider£54.00SmartcardBuy now
Preston citirider£38.00SmartcardBuy now
Preston megarider£58.00SmartcardBuy now
North West megarider Gold£98.00SmartcardBuy now


Megarider Xtra - monthly recurring payments

Megarider Xtra allows monthly payments to be debited from the customer's bank accounts on an agreed date each month, meaning they no longer have to renew their ticket manually. The customer's megarider Xtra ticket is stored on their Stagecoach Smartcard & remains valid for travel until the payment is cancelled. Payment is taken 12 times per year instead of having to purchase 13 four weekly megariders, effectively giving 28 days free travel per year!

Ticket typePriceDelivery
Chester megarider Xtra£32.00SmartcardBuy now
megarider Plus+£43.50SmartcardBuy now
Chorley megarider Xtra£32.00SmartcardBuy now
Chorley megarider Plus+ Xtra£52.00SmartcardBuy now
125/109 megarider Xtra£65.00SmartcardBuy now
125 Bolton to Horwich megarider Xtra£26.00SmartcardBuy now
Longridge megarider Xtra£47.00SmartcardBuy now
Fylde Coast megarider Xtra£45.00SmartcardBuy now
Preston citirider Xtra£34.00SmartcardBuy now
Preston megarider Xtra£52.00SmartcardBuy now
North West megarider Gold Xtra£85.00SmartcardBuy now

On bus

Ticket typePriceType
Chester megarider£10.00Paper or Smartcard top up
megarider Plus+£13.50Paper or Smartcard top up
Chorley megarider£10.00Paper or Smartcard top up
Chorley megarider Plus+£16.00Paper or Smartcard top up
125/109 megarider£20.00Paper or Smartcard top up
125 Bolton - Horwich megarider£8.00Paper or Smartcard top up
Fylde Coast megarider£14.00Paper or Smartcard top up
Preston citirider£10.50Paper or Smartcard top up
Preston megarider£16.00Paper or Smartcard top up
North West megarider Gold£27.30Paper or Smartcard top up
Wyre Villager£16.00Paper
Longridge megarider£14.50Paper
Manchester megarider£13.50Paper or Smartcard top up
Network Ribble Valley Week£17.00Paper
Ribble Valley Week Ranger£22.00Paper


Child megariders

We offer various 7 day megariders for children aged 15 and under across Merseyside, Cheshire & South Lancashire (on bus only):

  • megarider Plus+ £6.80 NEW reduced fare!!!
  • Chester megarider £5.00 NEW!!!
  • Chorley megarider £7.50
  • Chorley megarider Plus+ £12.50
  • 125/109 megarider £14.00
  • 125 Bolton to Horwich megarider £4.00(with igo card)
  • Fylde Coast megarider £7.00
  • Preston citirider £8.50
  • Preston megarider £14.00
  • Manchester megarider £6.75
  • Wiganrider £5.75
  • Network Ribble Valley Week £11.00
  • Ribble Valley week Ranger £17.00
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