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Guide to Fares and Tickets

This Guide provides a summary of our fares and tickets, together with details of certain local travel conditions and was last updated on the 27 October 2015.  Full details of our Conditions of Carriage are available in a separate leaflet or alternatively please click here.

Key Ticket Types

We have a range of different ticket types designed to meet different needs:

SINGLES – designed for the occasional passengers making one or two journeys
DAYRIDER – designed for those passengers making several journeys in one day, providing unlimited travel
WEEKLY – valid for 7 days of unlimited travel within defined areas
LONGER TERM – available through our website for our regular customers


Stagecoach Manchester single fares range from £1.20 to £3.10.
If you would like to find the single fare for a particular journey click here to view single fares on our Manchester commercial services.


All of our Dayrider tickets offer 1 days unlimited travel on Stagecoach buses in Greater Manchester and can be bought from the driver – all you need to do is decide who is travelling with you!

Manchester - Dayrider £4.10 – 1 person (no age limit)
Manchester – Dayrider Plus One £6.00 – 1 adult and 1 child*
Manchester – Group Dayrider £9.20 – up to 2 adults and up to 3 children*
ManchesterConcessionary Dayrider £2.00 - Valid for children 16 and under, and TfGM disabled concessionary card holders travelling in Greater Manchester. Children must hold an igo card.

Magic Dayrider - £3.40 - available on Magic bus routes 141, 142, 143 and 145.

Middleton - Middleton Dayrider £3.00
- 1 person (no age limit) valid on Stagecoach services operating on the 88, 112, 113, 115, 116 118, 131 and 156. Service 149 between Manchester and Moston.

Click here to see our Wigan Dayrider tickets available for travelling in and around Wigan.

* Children must be aged 16 or under and may be asked to provide ID.


All of our weekly tickets offer 7 consecutive days of travel on Stagecoach buses in Greater Manchester from the date of purchase and can be bought from the driver.

Manchester – Megarider £13.50 – Valid on the Stagecoach Manchester, Stagecoach Wigan* and Magic Bus network.
Magicrider - £7.50 – Valid for Magic Bus travel on Oxford Road/ Wilmslow Road only
Easyrider - £6.75* - Valid for children 16 and under travelling in Greater Manchester. Children must hold an igo card.
Middletonrider - £10.00 - Valid on Stagecoach services operating on the 80, 88, 112, 113, 115, 116 118, 131 and 156. Service 149 between Manchester and Moston.
Wiganrider - £11.50 - Valid on services within the Wigan boundary. Click here to see Wigan boundaries. 
Wigan Easyrider - £5.75* - Valid for children 16 and under travelling in the Wigan area. Children must hold an igo card.

*Valid for children under 11 years of age; children between 11 and 16 holding a TfGM igo card; TfGM Orange Concessionary Pass users who need to use the bus before 09:30 on weekdays

Longer term tickets

For those passengers who are looking for money saving deals then our range of longer term tickets may be the best option.
We like to reward customers who commit to us for longer with more discounts.

28 Day Megarider - £50 – Offers the same validity as a weekly ticket but works out at £12.50 per week. Available from online, please click here.

Manchester Megarider Xtra - £50 -
Available online, set up an automatic monthly payment, please click here.

Unirider - student only ticket. Available for a Term or an Academic year. For further details of Unirider please click here.

Service 50 Tickets

1 day and 7 day tickets valid for travel on service 50, between A6-Crescent/Adelphi Street and MediaCityUK only.

1 Day ticket - £3.30
7 Day ticket - £10.50

University of Salford Students and Staff - Students and staff may travel for free on service 50 between A6-Crescent/Adelphi Street and MediaCityUK only on production of their valid University ID Card.

Ticket Zones

Click here to view of Megarider Zone PDF.

Fares for Children

Under 5

Up to 4 children under the age of 5 can travel free when accompanied by a responsible passenger, providing that they do not occupy a seat to the exclusion of a fare paying passenger or are seated in a buggy in an appropriate space on the vehicle.

Over 5

The rules for children aged between 5 and 16 vary depending on the local authority area in which you travel. Stagecoach Manchester services run in the local authority areas of TfGM*, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Children from the age 11 should hold an appropriate ID card to qualify for concessionary travel. In Greater Manchester children must hold an igo card. In Derbyshire children may apply for a B_line Card. For details how to apply please contact your local authority.
Manchester -,
Derbyshire -
Cheshire do not provide any ID Card for children

Cross boundary services
Most of our services run within one local authority area only. The following services run from Manchester to Derbyshire and/or Cheshire
Cheshire: 358, 360, 378
Derbyshire 202, 236, 237, 358, 360

Manchester iGo Card holders
Travel within Greater Manchester ½ the adult fare
Cross Boundary journeys ½ the adult fare within Greater Manchester then full adult fare for the journey outside Greater Manchester OR full adult fare for whole journey, whichever is the cheaper.

Derbyshire b_line holders
From 1 August 2015 travel within Derbyshire and for cross boundary journeys 3/4 the adult fare.

Travel in Cheshire
Travel within Cheshire and for cross boundary journeys 2/3 the adult fare

If you are unsure of a fare, please contact Stagecoach in advance with the details of the journey you wish to make or ring Traveline on 0871 200 22 33.

Weekly travel for children

For journeys within Greater Manchester where the ½ adult fare is applicable, you may purchase a Stagecoach Easyrider ticket for £6.75 from the driver. The Easyrider is a 7 day network ticket valid on all Stagecoach and Magic Bus services within the TfGM*  concessionary area. If you're aged 11 to 16 you'll need an igo pass to purchase and travel using an easyrider. For details of the igo pass click here (pdf).

Travel for Young People aged 16 to 24

If you are student or just starting work there are range of tickets to help you save money. Click here to find out what options are available.

Concessionary Travel

Concessionary travel schemes for many categories of passenger are operated by local authorities in England, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly.

The terms, conditions and rules applying to these schemes are the responsibility of the pass issuing authority.

Standard Fare

All passengers are expected to have a valid ticket or pass for their journey. Failure to show this when requested may result in a Standard Fare Charge – The current Standard Fare Charge for Stagecoach Manchester is £50.

Dealing with Change

To help us to run your services smoothly the correct fare is always appreciated. Our drivers will provide change if they are able to do so. If the driver does not have change and you are not able to provide the fare you will not be able to continue with the journey.


Guide dogs and assistance dogs will be carried free of charge at all times. The charge for all other dogs is £1 per journey.


* TfGM stands for Transport for Greater Manchester the new name for GMPTE.


All prices and information correct as at 27 October 2015.