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unibus map 2015

24 hour buses to & from the University!

The new Unibus timetable starts on 20 September 2015, with Uni 1 buses running between Canterbury city centre and Canterbury campus (via Canterbury East Station) up to every 7 minutes.

Uni 2
buses also run between Canterbury city centre and the campus (via Canterbury East Station to the University and via Canterbury West Station to the city centre) but continue on to Hales Place (Monday to Saturday).


Route 26A runs on Saturdays only during Uni term time. This bus route runs between the Uni campus and Sturry Road retail park.

oute 36 runs between Canterbury city centre and the campus during the day (except Sundays) and continues on to Whitstable, Herne Bay and Margate.

buses link the city centre with Whitstable, Sturry and Herne Bay. Triangle buses also serve Canterbury campus early in the morning and throughout the evening (Monday to Saturday). On Sundays, they run all day between the city centre and campus, so there are buses around the clock to take you to Uni!

What's the best value ticket?

unirider is the essential, low-cost bus ticket exclusively for University of Kent students. It allows unlimited travel on all our buses in Kent and East Sussex all day and night, from less than 62p per day*!

*Academic year ticket purchased at the special offer price of £170 (until 4 October 2015). Valid for 39 weeks (275 days).

Other discounted fares

If you only travel occasionally you can buy discounted daily or weekly tickets from the bus driver. The tickets below give you unlimited travel within the Canterbury megarider zone.

dayrider - £2.90 - 1 day

dayrider 5 - £13.05 - 5 days

megarider - £10 - 7 days

With a dayrider 5 each individual dayrider can be used on any day within a year of date of purchase.

A 7 day megarider is valid for 7 consecutive days from the date of purchase.

A valid KentOne card or Kent Union ID card must be shown on each journey.

All prices correct from 20 September 2015.

Our green Unibus is powered by biofuel made from used cooking oil and waste lard - convenient for you and environmentally friendly too! Unibus even has free WiFi!