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Upton Park Garage to Close

Following a review of garage capacity in our East London garages, we are planning to close Upton Park on 16 September.  Our East London garages have a large amount of surplus space following the recent loss of tenders for bus routes operated on behalf of TfL. The existing routes operated by Upton Park will be transferred to our other East London garages as detailed below.


There will be no driver redundancies as a result of the garage closure as they will move with the routes to other locations. Regrettably, there will be a small number of redundancies amongst our other workgroups as a result of the closure and we will be working with the staff concerned and their representatives over the coming weeks to mitigate the impact of this as much as we can. Most of our engineering staff will move with the current routes as well, and we are working with our management, supervisory and administrative staff to try to accommodate as many of them as possible into vacant positions within our other London locations.


We understand the concerns and uncertainties that this change has for many of our employees, but it is the best operational and financial solution for our business, enabling us to reduce our operating costs and help ensure we have a strong business to compete for TfL contracts and protect the jobs of our people as best we can in the future.


The garage has 97 Dennis Trident ALX400 double deck buses and 10 Dennis Dart SLF ALX 200 buses. Subject to any last minute changes, route allocation changes will be: 


101 moves to Barking as drivers will change at East Ham which is accessible from Barking.


104, 115, 238, 262, 330, 473 and N550 to West Ham.  Garage journeys to and from Stratford will run via route 69.  Routes 15 and 277 will move from West Ham to Bow to make room and routes 276 and 376 will be taken over by the Go Ahead group at the same time.


For a brief history of Upton Park Garage click here.