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Changes to Stagecoach Gold services in West Oxfordshire

And a new S7 service connecting West Oxfordshire to Headington

In February 2014, Stagecoach in Oxfordshire consulted with our customers using the S1 and S2 Gold services. We asked about direct services, evening services and departure and arrival times.

This information, combined with the information we have collated from drivers and other passenger correspondence has been used to form the basis of a set of service changes on Sunday 27th July 2014 that will:

  • Introduce more buses on the S1, S2 and S3 at the times when we have a peak in demand
  • Improve frequency on the S1, S2 and the S3
  • Improve reliability on the S1 and S2 and increase capacity at peak times
  • Introduce later and more night journeys
  • Create new links between West Oxfordshire and Headington

We would like to thank all of our customers who took part in the survey.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to meet every request such as express services throughout the day from Carterton, but we will be creating a more direct link to Witney and providing a more reliable service.

As part of the changes to improve reliability between Carterton, Witney and Oxford we will be changing the services running through Minster Lovell with the new S7 service.

Details of the changes to each service can be found on this page and full timetables are currently available on our website at The printed versions will be available for the 27th July.

S1 Carterton - Witney - Oxford

Click here for new timetable

Mondays to Fridays

  • The 0532 from Thorney Leys will now start in Carterton at 0512 (Bovingdon Road) and 0520 (Crossroads) Monday to Friday.
  • There will be an improved frequency of service leaving Witney Market Square. Buses will leave every 15 minutes between 0620 and 0705 increasing to every 10 minutes from 0705 until 0745.
  • Additional morning journeys at 0700 and 0805 from Carterton Crossroads to Witney and Oxford.
  • A new morning peak journey into Oxford will start in Eynsham at 0836.
  • Adjustments have been made to reduce the period of time buses might have to wait in the rush hour at Elms Parade – as we know this is frustrating for passengers.
  • The times of buses leaving Oxford will be revised between 0730 and 1600 to improve reliability.  Most buses leaving Oxford after 0840 will run 5 minutes earlier than now.
  • Leaving Oxford the 10 minute frequency will start earlier at 1605.
  • More rush hour journeys on the S1 to/from Carterton, with all Monday to Friday journeys leaving Oxford on or after 1625 (and Witney on or after 1714) continuing through to Carterton.
  • We will be using an extra bus to improve reliability throughout the day Monday to Friday and on Saturday afternoons after 1500.

Evenings and weekends

  • A later NS1 journey will operate from Oxford to Witney and Carterton on Friday and Saturdays at 0330.
  • More late night journeys from Witney to Oxford on Fridays and Saturdays with a new trip at 2240 from Thorney Leys (2250 from Market Square).
  • New NS1 journeys to give a new half hourly service from Witney Market Square between 0035 and 0205 on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • We will be using an extra bus to improve reliability on Saturday afternoons after 1500.
  • All Sunday journeys to Oxford will now start at Carterton, with the first trip from Carterton now an hour earlier at 0720 from the Crossroads.
  • The 1950 from Oxford on Sundays will be extended to finish at Thorney Leys.
  • As part of the consultation, we asked passengers about potential changes to departure times and the majority wanted to keep the current times.

A full timetable is available at and on bus before the 27th July.

S2 Carterton - Witney - Oxford

Click here for timetable

Mondays to Fridays

  • New journeys from Witney Market Square at 0802 and 0902 into Oxford.

New double decker journeys at 0740 and 0840 from Carterton will replace the current Carterton - Witney minibus services at 0730, 0740 and 0835 from Crossroads. These will also provide additional seating capacity between Witney and Oxford in the morning rush hour.

  • The current 0757 from Brize Norton express (0810 from Carterton Crossroads) will run 10 minutes earlier following passenger feedback.
  • Adjustments have been made to reduce the period of time buses might have to wait in the rush hour at The Evenlode – as we know this is frustrating for passengers.
  • New earlier trip from Oxford and Cassington to Witney and Carterton leaving Oxford Magdalen Street at 0730.
  • New journey at 1725 from Oxford to Witney and Carterton.

Mondays to Saturdays

  • The 1935 trip from Oxford will be extended to finish in Carterton.
  • Faster and direct journeys from Carterton to Witney via the A40 and Ducklington Lane.

Unfortunately this also means that the S2 service will no longer stop in the centre of Minster Lovell and Tower Hill in Witney.  New service S7 will serve these locations.  All buses will still use the stop by the A40 slip road in Minster Lovell. Passengers can also catch the improved (from 1st June 2014) 233 to Witney from the White Hart at the other end of the village. Stagecoach has also introduced some additional 233 journeys in he early morning to link to Witney and from Carterton - please find timetable link here

  • Some NS2 journeys on Friday and Saturday nights will be replaced by journeys via Witney on NS1.

A full timetable is available on our website and on bus before the 27th July.

S3 Chipping Norton/Charlbury - Oxford

Click here for timetable

Mondays to Fridays

  • Daytime frequency between Oxford and Woodstock will increase from every 30 minutes to every 20 minutes, with a new hourly service to Old Woodstock (Vermont Drive).
  • Morning rush hour journeys into Oxford will be spread out more evenly across the period, with the longest gap in service moving from a 30 minute to a 20 minute gap.
  • We have made adjustments to improve reliability, particularly during the evening rush hour period.
  • A new morning journey into Oxford will be introduced at 0810 from Chipping Norton West Street and 0825 Charlbury.

Mondays to Saturdays

  • Earlier journeys will now run to  Chipping Norton, leaving Oxford rail Station at 0655 (Monday – Friday) and 0740 (Saturday).
  • An improved evening service will operate Monday to Saturday.  Buses between Oxford and Woodstock will be hourly in both directions, with buses continuing to Chipping Norton every hour, with alternate buses serving Charlbury or Kiddington on trips from Oxford.
  • Most buses after 1900 from Chipping Norton to Oxford will run via Kiddington, but the current 2131 journey will now run at 2135 and give a later return journey from Charlbury to Oxford at 2150.
  • Extra journeys to Oxford Rail Station, including a new early morning arrival at 0725 on Saturdays.

However the last bus to the station from Woodstock will be leaving half an hour earlier than the current timetable.

  • Saturday morning service into Oxford improved.  First bus now runs 30 minutes earlier, and other early morning trips will be running 10-20 minutes earlier, with the half hourly service from Woodstock starting an hour earlier at 0827.
  • On Saturday there will be a new trip at 0812 from Chipping Norton to Oxford via Chadlington, Spelsbury and Charlbury (0830).  This will replace the current 1012 journey between Chipping Norton and Charlbury.
  • No changes to Sunday timetable.

A full timetable is available on our website and on bus before the 27th July.


We are launching a new S7 service to link West Oxfordshire to Brookes University in Headington to take passengers closer to the hospitals.

Click here for timetable

This trial service will be operating to a limited Monday - Friday timetable to start with in the hope that with increased usage we can look to increase the timetable.

There are links to the S2 in the early morning and late afternoon, whereby passengers can remain on the bus at Gloucester Green to continue to Headington or Witney/Carterton.

In West Oxfordshire, buses will serve:

  • Carterton Crossroads
  • Shilton Park
  • Minster Lovell
  • Witney Market Square
  • Eynsham (The Evenlode)
  • Cassington

Within Oxford, buses will serve:

  • Woodstock Road
  • Moreton Road
  • Marston Ferry Road
  • Headley Way (for JR Hospital)
  • Headington Road

A full timetable is available on our website and on bus before the 27th July.

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