Coronavirus Update Close

National lockdown restrictions are in place across England until 2 December but bus services are running as normal. You should only travel for work, education or other permitted reasons. 

In South Wales, all of our timetables will go back to what we were running before the 'firebreak' lockdown. There will also be some timetable changes to a number of Aberdare services to improve connectivity. 

The new tier system is in operation across Scotland, but if you need to travel, make sure you're up-to-date with what's happening in your area by checking the local government guidance.

We've put in place measures to allow you to travel safely including limiting available seats on buses and enhanced cleaning. Unless you’re exempt, you must wear a face covering throughout your journey. Please avoid busy times, use contactless payment where you can, keep your distance and take your litter with you. Stay up to date on our Coronavirus page.


Accessibility FAQs

Last updated at 11:51 on 25/06/2020

Q I’m a wheelchair user. Can I still travel on your buses even though you’ve limited the capacity? 

A.Our customers with mobility impairments are always welcome on board. If needed, our drivers will lower the wheelchair ramp and keep 2m away from it while you get on board. Carers and the customer they’re assisting can sit together.

Q. How has social distancing changed the way you carry wheelchairs, prams and buggies?

A. To allow for social distancing on board, we can now only carry one wheelchair or one unfolded pram/buggy. Priority will be given to wheelchair users and, if there’s is already a wheelchair or unfolded pram on board, you’ll be asked to fold your pram/buggy. If this isn’t possible, please wait for the next bus.
If you’re already on the bus with an unfolded pram/buggy when a wheelchair user needs to get on, please fold your pram/buggy, if possible, so that we don’t have to refuse travel to a wheelchair user.


Q. I’m hearing impaired and can’t read lips if someone is wearing a face covering.

A. We’ve updated our Journey Assistance Cards to include a relevant card that will let the driver know you need to see their lips. If your driver is wearing a face covering they’ll lower it when speaking with you. Their cab has a clear protective screen which acts as a barrier against spreading the virus. 

Q. I’m visually impaired. How will I know where to sit on the bus?

A. Please ask your driver and they’ll be happy to clearly give you verbal directions to the nearest available seat. If you'd like your driver to walk with you to your seat, just ask and let them know how you prefer to be guided. If you're travelling with your guide dog, your driver will try, where possible, to seat you in an accessible seating area. We have Journey Assistance Cards that you can show to the driver to let them know that you need additional help.


Q. What if I need your driver to help me board, can they still do this safely?

A. If your driver leaves their cab they’ll sanitise their hands, wear a face covering and keep 2m distance. If the driver is lowering a ramp, helping with a wheelchair/pram etc, they’ll ask customers to move aside to keep a safe distance. They’ll sanitise their hands once they’re back in their cab, behind the clear protective screen.