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Following changes to government guidance in England and Wales more seats are available on our buses and standing is allowed. There will also be more seats available in Scotland.

Please continue to wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you’re exempt. 

For the latest travel information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page


Contactless | Frequently asked questions

Can I pay part cash/part contactless on the bus?

No, you can't use a mix of cash and contactless when buying a bus ticket because, to paraphrase The Six Million Dollar Man, we don't have the technology. Plus, it'd slow down the whole boarding process and no one wants that.

With contactless, you can  buy tickets up to the value of £30 for both paper tickets and StagecoachSmart.

How does contactless work?

As long as you have this: on your card, tap the reader with your card for payments up to £30.

No PIN needed, just tap and buy, find a seat and enjoy your journey.

Contactless payments can also be made via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Don't worry, we still accept cash if modern technology isn't for you.

Which contactless cards can I use?

Contactless payment cards for Visa, Mastercard and Maestro can be used on our buses. Most pre-paid contactless cards can be used but make sure you have enough credit before you get on the bus. We can't accept American Express.

Contactless cards issued outside of the UK can be used but if your card doesn't work, contact the card issuer.

Can I top up my StagecoachSmart card using contactless?

Yep, as long as the ticket costs £30 or less. Let the driver know you want to pay using contactless and your new ticket will be added to your StagecoachSmart card and you'll get a receipt.

Do I still need a ticket if I pay with contactless?

Yes, you do. Contactless payment is just a different way to pay for your ticket. Your ticket is your proof of purchase so hang on to it until your journey ends.

What if my payment doesn't work?

It's happened to the best of us - sometimes cards don't work, so the driver will  ask  you to try another card or  pay by good old cash.

If your card is declined you won't be able to use it on the bus for 45 days and, if declined three times, it'll be permanently blocked. You'll need to contact your bank to clear any restrictions on the card and it can take up to 7 days for their tech to chat to our ticket machines but once it's all sorted, you'll be good to go again.

In some circumstances we're able to unblock your card sooner. Email us  full details to [email protected]   and we'll try to help.

How do I know if my payment has gone through?

We initially wanted confetti to fall from the ceiling but we realised that was probably overkill. Instead, you'll see 'successful payment' on the ticket machine and  your ticket will be printed. If your payment fails, the border of the screen on the ticket machine will turn red and you'll see a message.

I've bought the wrong ticket - can I get a refund?

Our drivers can refund you if you tell them immediately, so don't get settled in your seat until you've checked. They have to give you your money back the way you gave it to them so they can't refund a card payment with cash, boiled sweets or   Pokémon  cards. If you have any queries about your payment, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Can I use my contactless card to make more than one payment?

You can use your card to pay for bus tickets up to a limit of £30, handy if you need to buy separate tickets. If there's a big crowd of you, why not buy on the app or at your local Travel Shop so that we can keep the queues moving along.

Is my contactless payment safe?

It's as safe as all Chip & PIN payments and all our equipment is tested and certified to comply with strict card scheme standards. During payment, no information about your card account or personal data is displayed. The machine is also protected by teeny tiny ninjas for added safety. Not really, but that'd be cool, right?!