I can't use the Wi-Fi on the bus. What should I do?

Our Wi-Fi is free and in order to ensure that all customers get fair access, there are some restrictions in place.

Customers are limited to a daily allowance of 100MB download and 100MB upload limit per device. This is reset every 24 hours at midnight.
Some content is also unavailable on our Wi-Fi: 
- Adware
- File hosting
- P2P/File Sharing
- Pornography
- Software updates
- Streaming and media (including Spotify, Youtube, Netflix etc.)

If you have other issues connecting to Wi-Fi on our buses, please contact your nearest Stagecoach office.

Don't forget to let us know the bus number, date and time and we'll check the bus as soon as it's back at the depot.

To find out more about Stagecoach wifi, please see our fair usage policy.