Coronavirus Update Close

National lockdown restrictions are in place across England. Until 2 December, you should only travel for work, education or other permitted reasons. From 2 December England will be returning to a 3 Tier System. Find out more about local restrictions.

A tiered system of protection levels is in operation across Scotland. So, if you need to travel, make sure you're up-to-date with what's happening in your area by checking the local government guidance.

We've put in place measures to allow you to travel safely including limiting available seats on buses and enhanced cleaning. Unless you’re exempt, you must wear a face covering throughout your journey. Please avoid busy times, use contactless payment where you can, keep your distance and take your litter with you. Stay up to date on our Coronavirus page.


Ticket refunds

Q. How long will it take to buy tickets online?

A.  It only takes a few minutes to buy your ticket online and, if you already have a registered StagecoachSmart card, your ticket will be ready to use within 48 hours (or at a later date that suits you). If this is your first time buying a ticket online or you need a new StagecoachSmart card, we'll post it out to you and it'll be with you in 3-5 working days. Don't forget to reuse your StagecoachSmart card each time you buy a ticket. 

Q. Can I cancel my ticket once I've bought it?

A. It depends on whether or not your ticket is active. If you've not activated it yet, then yes, we can give you a full refund. If you've already activated it, we'll refund the remaining value of your ticket, minus a £15 cancellation fee. We'll get in touch with you if you have less than £15 left on your ticket as you may be able to use the remaining value for a future ticket. We're not able to refund an expired ticket.  Your money will be refunded on to the same payment method you used to buy your ticket within 3-5 working days of being actioned. Request your refund.

Q. Can I change my ticket after I've bought it online?

A.  You can't change your ticket but you can request a refund and buy a new one. If you've not activated the ticket, you'll get a full refund. If you've already used part of your ticket, you'll get a refund for the remaining value, minus a £15 cancellation charge. Request your refund.

Q. Can I change my ticket after I've bought it on the bus?

A.  We'll need your StagecoachSmart card number and details of the ticket you bought on board. Your refund request will be reviewed on an individual basis by your local Stagecoach team. Request your refund

Q. Can I pause my ticket?

A.  Some of our tickets can have their value saved to be used towards a future ticket. Get in touch with us a [email protected] with details of your StagecoachSmart card and we'll let you know what the best option is for you.

Q. Why am I not eligible for a refund?

A.  If your refund request has been denied, it's likely that your ticket had already expired. If that's not the case, or you'd like us to check again, get in touch with us at [email protected] with details of your ticket and we'll look into it.

Q. Why is there a £15 cancellation charge?

A. Many of our tickets have a built-in discount that lets you travel for longer for a lower price. If you choose to cancel your ticket early, you're no longer eligible for that reduced fare. The standard £15 cancellation fee covers you for any difference in price there would have been if you'd bought the tickets at the regular rate for the amount of time you actually used it. 

Q. What do I do if my StagecoachSmart card is lost/stolen/faulty?

A.  As long as your StagecoachSmart card is registered to your Stagecoach account and there are more than 5 days left on the ticket, we can transfer the ticket to a new card. We'll send it out to your delivery address and it'll take 3-5 working days to arrive. If you haven't registered your StagecoachSmart card, we won't be able to replace your ticket. Register your StagecoachSmart card.