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You must wear a face covering throughout your journey and in transport hubs, unless you’re exempt. For the latest travelling safely information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page


What happens if my contactless card is declined?

If the card is declined it can’t be used on our buses for 45 days (the card will only be blocked within Stagecoach). Once the card is declined three times, it will be permanently blocked. 

If your card doesn’t work, please first contact Stagecoach to get details of the declined transaction so you can then request more details from your bank to understand why it failed. 

You can also contact Stagecoach to ask us to clear any restrictions on the card. Once we’ve reviewed your request and confirmed it can be actioned, we’ll release the card from  Stagecoach’s deny list. Please note that it can take up to seven days for this message to reach all of our ticket machines. 

If your contactless card has been blocked on our buses, you can use the Stagecoach Bus App to buy some tickets, there is currently no functionality to buy single tickets.