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You must wear a face covering throughout your journey and in transport hubs, unless you’re exempt.

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Why did my contactless card not work on the bus?

There are a few reasons why a card may not work when you’re trying to use contactless on board. If this happens our driver will ask you to try another card or pay using cash, as we won’t know why the card isn’t being accepted.   

Some of the reasons why a card may not work include: 

  • Card is already on Stagecoach’s deny list or has been permanently blocked by Stagecoach, from an earlier transaction that has failed. 
  • Card has expired 
  • Card isn’t a contactless card 
  • Card is not accepted e.g. American Express 
  • Card is being presented for a payment over £30
  • Card hasn’t been used as a chip and pin before 
  • Mobile device hasn’t been set up correctly to use Apple Pay or Google Pay or  the app to support the payment isn’t being used properly.

Prepaid card users should take particular care to ensure there are enough available funds so it doesn’t get declined.  You should also carefully read the card’s terms and conditions as some prepaid cards don’t allow use on public transport.