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Mansfield niterider - Saturday nights

N1 - Mansfield • Sutton • Huthwaite • Kirkby

Mansfield Leeming Street2400010002000300
Sutton Northern Bridge Road0010011002100310
Huthwaite Market 0018011802180318
Kirkby Cross0033013302330333
Kirkby Diamond Avenue0042014202420342


N11 - Mansfield • Woodhouse • Warsop • Meden Vale

Mansfield Leeming Street2400010002000300
Woodhouse Park Hall Road0010011002100310
Warsop Church Street0017011702170317
Church Warsop Birch Street 0020012002200320
Meden Vale Elkesley Road Bottom0033013302330333


N15 - Mansfield • Forest Town • Clipstone • Edwinstowe • Ollerton

Mansfield Leeming Street2400010002000300
Forest Town School0007010702070307
Garibaldi Shops0010011002100310
Edwinstowe West Lane 0019011902190319
New Ollerton Briar Road0027012702270327
New Ollerton Whinney Lane0030013002300330


N23 - Mansfield • Pleasley • Shirebrook • Langwith

Mansfield Leeming Street2400010002000300
Pleasley Hill WMC0010011002100310
Shirebrook Carter Lane0023102302230323
LangwithPitt Hill 0033013302330333
Langwith Jug and Glass0037013702370337


N28 - Mansfield • Oak Tree • Rainworth • Blidworth

Mansfield Leeming Street2400010002000300
Jubilee Way North0013011302130313
Rainworth Robin Hood0022012202220322
Rainworth Westbrook Drive 0024012402240324
Blidworth Tesco0030013002300330


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