Cambridge City Deal

25 May 2016

Andy Campbell, Managing Director of Stagecoach East, comments on City Deal plans to tackle congestion in Cambridge:

"The City Deal proposals recognise the need to take bold measures to solve the city's congestion problems, though we appreciate that any change will inconvenience some members of the public while benefitting others.  If we can significantly speed up bus journeys in the city, as a result of reduced congestion, we would be able to run a more reliable and more frequent bus service that would benefit all of our passengers, delivering faster journey times.  We should also be able to make travel more affordable in planned growth areas by moving from a two-zone to a three-zone fare system, and an increase in demand would help to create additional jobs for local people.  However, these proposals are not without risk to Stagecoach, as they would require significant investment in resources and staffing in order to prepare to meet the anticipated demand.”