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Stagecoach Manchester get the green light for eco-driving

23 Dec 2015

Drivers from leading local bus firm, Stagecoach Manchester, are going green after successfully completing a year long training programme in eco-friendly driving. 

The GreenRoad Fleet Elite performance scheme, completed by 473 Stagecoach Manchester drivers, encourages smoother, safer driving and could improve fuel efficiency by three per cent over the coming year, cutting emissions in the local area.

To achieve the Fleet Elite green standard, drivers must clock up more than 500 driving hours in a year using the GreenRoad monitoring system. In addition, they must not exceed more than five adverse driving actions, such as harsh braking or acceleration, per 10 hours of driving. The system constantly checks 120 driving manoeuvres, and provides instant feedback via an LED traffic light system on the dashboard. 

Stagecoach Manchester managing director, Christopher Bowles, said:  “The completion of this scheme by so many Stagecoach Manchester drivers highlights our continued commitment to minimising the impact we have on the local environment, while still providing a service that so many people rely on.

“We’re proud of our green credentials; we won the Environmental Improvement in Passenger Transport award in 2014 and are still proactively looking for ways to further improve. In January, we introduced 29 new double-decker buses that have the latest Euro 6 exhaust treatment processes to add to the reduction in our carbon emission levels. Following significant fleet investment over a 19 year period, Stagecoach Manchester has 128 hybrid vehicles, offering one of the greenest services in the country.”