Stockport Monday 17 July

18 Jul 2017

On the afternoon of Monday 17th July we experienced exceptionally severe delays across our network in the Stockport area.

We are sorry for the disruption you experienced in making your journeys and please be assured our staff were doing everything they could to get you to your destination.

A number of planned and emergency road works closed several key roads in the Stockport area leading to significantly increased volumes of traffic on several key roads.

To compound this, a multi vehicle accident on the M60 lead to many other road users avoiding the motorway and trying to use already very congested roads through Stockport.

To mitigate against the delays we used additional drivers and vehicles where we could but with traffic in and around Stockport town centre stationary and nowhere to go many of our buses and drivers were stuck and could not move for long periods.

We hate being late as much as you do and we do hope you understand that this was exceptional circumstances caused by events out of our control and largely unforeseen.

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