Three Stagecoach Manchester drivers praised for heroic actions

10 Jun 2021

Stagecoach Manchester drivers; Darren Shaw, John Livsey, and Paul Kitchen have been jointly recognised as the company’s Star of the Month, after saving a woman in distress on a motorway bridge.

Darren (55), John (55), and Paul (62), who are all Stagecoach Manchester bus drivers based at the Hyde Road Depot, were travelling to work in the early hours of the morning when they spotted a young woman in distress on the side of a bridge overlooking the M60.

The emergency services were called as all three held onto the woman, comforting her and helping to keep her calm until the emergency services arrived to offer further assistance.

As part of Stagecoach Manchester’s monthly staff recognition programme, an employee from each depot is commended for their efforts, from exceptional customer service to looking after their local communities, with one member of staff chosen to receive the company’s Star of the Month.

In May, all three drivers were honoured with the award, and praised for their outstanding, heroic efforts, in stopping and ensuring the woman was safely taken into the care of emergency workers.

When asked about his courageous actions, Darren Shaw said: “We just did what anyone else would do. We were in the right place at the right time, and we’re just very relieved that the woman was brought to safety.”

Lee Wasnidge, Managing Director of Stagecoach Manchester, also commented: “Stagecoach strives to serve its community, but the actions of these three drivers really goes above and beyond. The selfless actions of Darren, John and Paul show the great dedication we see from all of our Greater Manchester workforce, and really showcases the kind of staff we are proud to employ within our team.

We’d like to thank them for their quick thinking and actions during this extremely distressing incident; they are all very deserving winners of our Star of the Month award.”