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04 Apr 2022

Stagecoach Manchester is providing bus passengers across Greater Manchester with unmatched travel safety, as 536 employees lead the way in achieving Fleet Elite standard in a global performance measurement scheme. This accolade also makes them amongst the most fuel-efficient bus drivers in the UK. 

To complete the Fleet Elite scheme, participants must clock up more than 500 driving hours in a year and achieve an average of five or fewer events, including harsh braking or acceleration, per 10 hours of driving over the calendar year.

If the drivers are successful, they will gain the Fleet Elite standard, along with a special badge in recognition of their achievement. 

Of the 536 Stagecoach Manchester employees, 48% achieved the Master Feet Elite standard, for maintaining Fleet Elite status for four or more years. Additionally, 13 Stagecoach Manchester drivers scored zero – a perfect score – during the period. Paul Leek (Wigan Depot) has achieved a zero since the technology was introduced onto Stagecoach Manchester buses in 2011.

Commenting on the recognition, Paul Leek said: ‘For me, it’s my way of helping to cut our carbon footprint and minimise pollution in our local environment. The scheme really reassures me that I’m making a difference.”

The Fleet Elite scheme is linked to GreenRoad, an advanced safety and telematics system which continuously checks driving maneuvers and helps improve fuel efficiency on buses.

GreenRoad’s safety system is installed on all Stagecoach vehicles and has proven to be extremely effective in helping drivers improve their skills. Using a simple traffic-light-like LED system on the dashboard, GreenRoad gives drivers instant feedback about their driving maneuvers, encouraging smoother, safer and more fuel-efficient driving.

Lee Wasnidge, Managing Director of Stagecoach Manchester said of the Fleet Elite standard: ‘

“To see so many of our drivers receive Fleet Elite and Master Fleet Elite status is a real testament to the quality of our team and their commitment to driving safely and efficiently.

“Smoother, fuel-efficient driving is safer and provides more comfortable journeys for our customers, as well as helping to cut our carbon footprint and meet our sustainability targets.

“Congratulations to everyone who was awarded this year.”

Andrew Appleton (Hyde Road), Central UK Eco Driver Super Champion said: ‘Stagecoach is one of the top-performing companies using the advanced telematics system. Stagecoach Manchester is really setting the standard by continually providing top performing results, with an average score of 9 compared to the Stagecoach overall average of 11.’ 

Andrew recently met with the GreenRoad team who came over from Israel to find out what Stagecoach Manchester is doing to consistently achieve such high scores. In this meeting, Andrew showcased how he identifies the top ten drivers each week, monitors performance and provides helpful driving advice on hotspot areas.