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We all need to do whatever we can to protect each other from Coronavirus, so in line with the latest government guidance, there are measures in place to help you to travel with confidence, including limiting available seats on buses and enhanced cleaning. Unless you’re exempt, you must wear a face covering when using public transport, throughout your journey. Please avoid busy times, use contactless payment where you can and take your litter with you.

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In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.
In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt

Merseyside car drivers missing out on HUGE savings

09 Mar 2016

Man on busMerseyside commuters could save more than £1,200 each year by switching to bus travel instead of using their cars, according to new research released by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire. 

The study by Stagecoach compared the costs of commuters travelling between Heswall and Liverpool and found that those travelling by bus typically save £100 per month, ten pounds above the national average.

The research found that despite fuel costs being at their lowest in six years, Merseyside commuters would still save enough money to cover the entire annual energy costs for a medium sized house* if they choose to travel by bus.

The national survey  revealed that bus travel is on average 55 per cent cheaper than the same commute by car.

Elisabeth Tasker, managing director of Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire said: “This new survey really highlights the economic benefits that bus travel can offer commuters. We’re very pleased to be continuing to deliver savings to our passengers in the region, while offering a fantastic service!

“Our comfortable, Wi-Fi equipped vehicles make travelling by bus an excellent choice for passengers – particularly busy commuters. We’re committed to providing a cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly service helping people to get to where they need to be quickly, comfortably, and easily.”

The survey covered around 35 key commuter routes in England, Scotland and Wales and found that bus passengers save an average of more than £90 each month by leaving their car at home.

The biggest savings were in the East of England where bus passengers travelling between St Ives and Cambridge were 83 per cent better off, saving more than £5,500 a year compared to motorists.


Read the full survey from Stagecoach group