Stagecoach Northampton’s top eco-friendly driver

05 Jun 2014

Northampton-Eco-friendly-driverAs part of the Stagecoach’s Green Week, which started on Monday (2nd June), it has chosen to reward the top performing ‘eco-driver’ at each of their seven depots in the Midlands with a £50 M & S voucher. 

Green Week is dedicated to encouraging its staff, passengers and the wider community to make more environmentally conscious decisions about the way they live. 

 To help identify the top performing driver at their Northampton depot Stagecoach used its hi-tech eco-driver monitoring system on the dash, which measures the driver’s performance when accelerating, breaking, cornering and idling. The information can then be used to help ensure a smooth, safe and comfortable journey for passengers, as well as reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and wear and tear on the vehicles. 

The most eco-friendly driver at the Stagecoach Northampton depot so far this year was Kevin Parsons, who has been a bus driver for 8 years and has been with Stagecoach for the past three years. “The ‘eco-driving‘ system is very helpful. If you make any small driving error the amber warning light comes up on the dash and you remember not to make the same mistake next time.  I am delighted to have achieved the best ‘eco-driving’ performance at the depot. I take pride in driving well and it has paid off,” said Kevin.

Tony Simmons, Operations Manager for Northampton, said “Kevin has kept a consistently excellent score during the past six months, registering a near perfect driving performance. He drives on both town based services and rural routes throughout the Northampton area. Our overall drivers’ performance has improved significantly as a result of the ‘eco-driving’ system.  Because of the size of our depot, we have two ‘eco-driver’ Champions supporting the drivers to develop their skills, Jennifer Redfern-Dover and Marshia Capon. 

 Stagecoach Midlands Managing Director Steve Burd said “Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we are continuing to work hard to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. As a business, we have made good progress on our sustainability strategy over the past five years. Attracting more people out of cars and on to our bus services is also helping reduce the overall carbon emissions from transport.”