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Stagecoach bus drivers global leaders in eco-driving

12 Mar 2015

  • More than 4,100 Stagecoach employees achieve GreenRoad Fleet Elite status 
  • More Stagecoach drivers meet benchmark than any other bus operator for second consecutive year
  • Advanced telematics system constantly checks 120 driving manoeuvres
  • All Stagecoach companies now fitted with technology
  • System helps achieve 3% improvement in fuel efficiency across UK bus operations

Stagecoach bus employees have topped a global eco-driver performance scheme which measures fuel-efficient driving. 

More than 4,100 Stagecoach drivers have been awarded Fleet Elite status under the programme managed by GreenRoad, whose telematics system serves professional drivers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, America, Australia and New Zealand. 

Over 1,000 of Stagecoach’s Fleet Elite drivers have achieved the Gold badge for consistently maintaining the Fleet Elite driving standard for three consecutive years. 

Using a traffic-light LED system on the dashboard, GreenRoad gives drivers instant feedback on their driving manoeuvres, encouraging smoother, safer, and more fuel-efficient driving. 

Stagecoach drivers account for more than half of the 7900 drivers across 10 countries who met the Fleet Elite standard in 2014. 

Some 21% of Stagecoach’s 19,000-strong driving team have achieved the prestigious benchmark – more than any other bus company using the GreenRoad system. 

Fleet Elite standard drivers must clock up more than 500 driving hours in a year and achieve an average of five or less events, such as harsh braking or acceleration, per 10 hours of driving over the calendar year. In fact, 57 Stagecoach drivers scored zero – a perfect score – during the period. 

The GreenRoad system is installed on all Stagecoach vehicles at the Group's bus companies. It uses a dashboard traffic lights-style system to provide instant feedback to drivers to encourage smoother and safer driving. 

Research by GreenRoad shows that in extreme cases driving decisions are responsible for up to 33% of fuel spend. Even experienced, professional drivers have the potential to improve their fuel efficiency 4% with the right guidance. To date, use of GreenRoad’s system and Stagecoach’s comprehensive driver training programme has helped deliver a 3% improvement in fuel efficiency across Stagecoach operations in the UK.

All employees who meet the Fleet Elite standard receive a special badge in recognition of their achievement.

In addition, this year Stagecoach is introducing special awards, in honour of former Stagecoach Ecodriver Project Manager Christopher Ball who sadly passed away last year. The Christopher Ball Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the best performing company in Stagecoach UK Bus, with plaques presented to the best depot and best driver. These will be presented in early summer with the winners based on performance over the 2014/5 financial year to 30 April 2015.

Robert Montgomery, Stagecoach UK Bus Managing Director, said: “For so many of our drivers to have reached Fleet Elite status is a great achievement and reflects the hard work and professionalism that our drivers display on a daily basis. 

“Christopher Ball was instrumental in the introduction of eco-driving technology at Stagecoach and it is very fitting to now have a staff award as a tribute to his hard work in this area.

“Smoother, fuel-efficient driving is safer, provides more comfortable journeys for our customers and helps cut our carbon footprint. We are continuing to invest in new vehicles and green technology to attract more people on board our services as well as further reducing the impact of our operations on the environment.”

Stagecoach has also supported its multi-million-pound investment in the GreenRoad technology with a dedicated annual driver bonus pot of around £900,000. Employees can earn ‘green points’ for greener driving, which is converted into a cash bonus.

“The impressive rate at which Stagecoach drivers earn their GreenRoad Fleet Elite badges and maintain their Fleet Elite status, year after year, is a testament to Stagecoach’s commitment to environmentally-responsible and safe driver behaviour. Based on detailed and actionable guidance from the GreenRoad system, Stagecoach created lasting change by empowering stakeholders to do well for the company and its drivers while doing good for the environment and the communities they serve. For both business and environment, Stagecoach's results demonstrate the value of acting on the insights delivered by GreenRoad,” said Andy Cozens, Director of Sales EMEA at GreenRoad.

Stagecoach has invested around £630million over the past eight years in brand new vehicles for local communities across the UK.