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5 reasons to get a Stagecoach student ticket

11 Aug 2018

Day in the library? Night on the town? Date night? How are you gonna get there?

Student life can be stressful, but at least with Stagecoach you don’t have to worry about travel.

Here are 5 awesome reasons to get a Stagecoach student ticket this year…

1. Save as you go

No matter which Stagecoach student ticket you choose, you'll get huge discounts compared to paying every time you travel.

Plus, by paying in advance you don’t need to worry about change for the bus or setting money aside for travel. 

2. Go discover

group students bus travel

Fancy exploring your city? Go further than just to uni and back with unlimited travel anywhere in your area. Check out that cool bar on the other side of town, or save money on expensive taxis by getting the bus home from the pub. Wherever you want to be, if you can get there by Stagecoach bus, you can get there with your student ticket.

3. No limits

Travel with no limits – take as many trips as you like. Where could you go?

4. No sneaky hidden fees

No surcharges, no extra fees. Pay once and never worry about paying for bus travel until your ticket expires. No nervously checking your bank account after an expensive taxi trip!

5. Annnnnnnd relax!

student bus travel

Feeding yourself, remembering to do your washing, making it to lectures and hitting deadlines, student life has enough stress. With Stagecoach, at least your travel is sorted.

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