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Best Apps for parents and families

20 Feb 2017

Keeping on top of your childrens’ needs can be hard work. Don’t we all wish we had a helping hand to make life that little bit easier? Well, we can’t get you a fairy godmother or a Mary Poppins, but we can recommend these brilliant apps, to help you out with everything from treating cuts and grazes to solutions to the dreaded “I’m bored!”…


Is it a cold or the flu? Does that bite look more like a mosquito or a spider? iHomeopathy makes it easy to quickly diagnose and treat the bumps and scrapes that are an everyday part of being a parent. Simply find your child’s ailment on the list and the app will suggest homeopathic treatments.

Download for iOS


Nobody likes to do chores, but Choremaster makes it fun....well, as fun as it can be! Set up a profile for everyone in your family, and add in the chores that need to be done in your home. Compete by gaining points for each chore completed, and check the leaderboard at the end of the week to see who’s gained the most points!! It’s a great way to get the kids involved in helping out around the house.

Download for Android



Is it parents’ evening this week or next? When is that football game you can’t miss? When are you free for the dental appointment? Cozi makes it easy to see everyone’s calendar at once for simple scheduling. You can even  include shopping lists, to-do lists and recipes. Use a colour-code so you know exactly who’s doing what and when, and create lists for everybody to see, so everyone knows you need milk (but you won’t end up with 5 bottles!). A must-have for busy families!

Download for Android/ Download for iOS



Tired of hearing the immortal phrase “I’m bored!” and sick of trips to the park? Hoop helps you to find child-friendly activities whereever you are, from exhibitions to crafts to dance and drama. Search for the day you are looking to fill, filter by activity type, the age of your child(ren) and whether you want to pay or not, and the app will find the perfect day out for your family. Currently available in Manchester, London, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Bath and Oxford.

Download for Android/Download for iOS



It can be challenging to keep on top of your expenses, especially with a family, but Monefy makes it so straightforward to track your spending and see where your money is going every month. It’s quick and easy – just add your spending, and categorise it to help build a picture of your spending habits. The simplest way to keep track of your money.

Download for Android



New baby in the family? Dormi turns your phone into a baby monitor. Sync your existing smartphone up with one of those old handsets you have lying about in a drawer, and easily set up with Dormi. Dormi notifies you of any noise, allows you to stream audio and video and lets you talk to your child remotely at the push of a button.

Download for Android



There’s nothing worse than being out and about and needing to find a cash machine or toilet quickly. AroundMe uses your GPS to locate exactly what you need close to your current location, whether that’s a cinema or a hospital.

Download for Android/Download for iOS

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