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How to keep kids entertained on the bus

07 Feb 2019

Whether you’re dropping them off at school or heading into town for a spot of shopping, your child can become restless during a bus journey. You might enjoy the peace and quiet, but for little ones with active imaginations, sitting back and enjoying the journey isn’t enough!

To avoid toddler tantrums and ensure happy passengers, we have created this run-down of the best travel games for kids to keep them occupied...

Play games via free Wi-Fi 

Over a thousand Stagecoach buses offer free Wi-Fi. While you can use them to check your emails or update your social media accounts, your little ones can also get online if they’ve got a tablet or you’ll let them borrow your smartphone.
Once connected, your child can play their favourite games on children’s websites like Disney and Cartoon Network — featuring all their favourite characters. 
With top tech at their fingertips, the journey will fly by. Plus with USB charging ports on many Stagecoach buses, the fun doesn’t have to end with the low battery warning.

fairy girl on bus

The Alphabet Game

Headed for the bus and left their trusty tablet behind? Never fear — the alphabet game is here! While looking out the window, ask your little one to find objects for each letter of the alphabet in order. For example, for B your little one might spot a bus stop. See how far you can get through the alphabet and keep them occupied all the way through the journey. 

I Spy

It may be an oldie but it’s definitely a goodie! I spy is the perfect game to play during your bus journey. It’s best to stick to objects that are on the bus, as by the time the other person guesses the object may have passed if it’s outside.
Instead of being letter-based, you could also play a colour version of I Spy. Players would say “I spy with my little eye something that’s blue”, for example. This is a great option if you’re travelling with younger children. 

How Many Can You Name?

If your little one has an active imagination and a mind that works overtime, how many can you name? is the perfect game for them. It’s really easy to play, so it’s suitable for little ones and bigger brainboxes alike.
Simply choose a category — like animals, Simpsons characters, countries or colours, for example — and challenge your child to name as many as their can. It sounds simple, but it can quickly become a brain teaser, especially if they can name a few. Clues are optional!

boy on bus

The Memory Game

Put their memory and your own to the test with the memory game.  The first player begins by saying “I went to the restaurant and I ordered…” before saying something off the menu. The next player repeats “I went to the restaurant and I ordered…” and the first player’s order, as well as adding their own to the end. This repeats throughout, with each player reciting the full order before adding another item.
Again, this is another simple game that can get very difficult the longer it goes on!

Story telling

They say the art of conversation is dead, but one of the easiest and often best ways to keep your child occupied on the bus is by talking to them. If you’re picking them up from school, chat to them about how their day was or on weekends, why not ask what they’d like to watch on the TV or have for tea? 
You could even turn chatting into a game that will really engage their imagination and creativity. Give your child the name of a character and ask them to create a story around their adventures, offering potential plot twists as you go. It’s a great way to get them thinking — who knows where the story will take you! 



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