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We know many of you will be looking for information for how lockdown will affect our services. We're working hard to keep our services running for essential journeys, however there may have been some changes to timetables in your area. Please check our latest timetables for more information.

We've put in place measures to allow you to travel safely including limiting available seats on buses and enhanced cleaning. Please avoid busy times, use contactless payment where you can, keep your distance and take your litter with you. You can keep up to date checking our main Coronavirus page.

You must wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you are exempt. Find out more on our travelling safely pages for England, Wales and Scotland.


10 ways the Stagecoach Bus App can make your life easier

10 Feb 2017

So, you've downloaded the Stagecoach Bus App (and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?) and you've planned a journey, maybe you've even bought a ticket, or at the very least tracked your bus in real time.

But there are loads more handy features you might not know about! Here's how to make the most of the Stagecoach Bus App to make your bus travel even easier...

1. Find out what bus you need – no need for timetables!


Rather than searching through timetables to find your stop, the Stagecoach Bus App journey planner takes all the stress out of getting from A to B! First, make sure you have your current location set on the App’s Home screen. Once that’s set, choose Plan, then put in your start location and destination, plus either the time you want to start your journey or when you want to arrive. Then, select Plan my journey and ,hey presto, the app will tell you exactly how to get there! It includes walking directions to your nearest bus stop, the bus time and number and any walking directions you might need when you get off the bus. Magic!

2. Find your nearest bus stop


We’ve all been there. You’re somewhere new and you have no idea how to get home! Here’s a fix: make sure you’re allowing the app to access your current location, then simply tap ‘Nearby’ on the bottom menu to see a map of all the bus stops close by. Scroll down to see which buses are arriving at the stops near you.

3. See what’s nearby

app nearby

Is there a coffee shop nearby? How far are you from that museum? Can you grab a bite to eat near here? When you click into the Nearby Buses map you can also see what’s near you, and key points of interest within a 10 minute walk.

4. Check which ticket you need

app tickets

Once you’ve found your journey (using the handy journey planner), select ‘Are mobile tickets available for this journey?’ or choose ‘Buy’ from the bottom menu. Make sure your location is set correctly, and choose your area from the drop down menu. Find your ticket, select the Terms and conditions for the ticket, then ‘Areas this ticket covers’ to download a map of where you can use your ticket.

5. Buy a ticket – without needing change!

app basket

Once you’ve checked the validity of your ticket, you can add your chosen ticket to your basket (make sure you choose the right passenger type), then either Checkout or Continue Shopping. Complete your payment with a credit or debit card, or PayPal, and it will and it’ll appear in the My Tickets section of the App, ready to be used anytime in the next 3 months.

6. Check exactly where your bus is

nearby buses

Have you got time to grab a coffee before your bus arrives? Tap Nearby and scroll down to see buses or stops nearby. Or, choose Find a Bus, enter your bus number and choose your stop. Alternatively, use Find a Stop, by entering your location and selecting your nearest stop to see live times from that stop. Live times will be displayed in green with the flashing WiFi symbol.

7. Get on the bus, using just your phone


Ready to get on board? Find the ticket you want to use in My Tickets on the Home screen and simply tap Activate before boarding the bus (ensure you read the pop up message before activating). Show your activated ticket to the driver and wait for them to accept it. Activating a ticket will start the countdown timer – you can only use the ticket during this active period.

8. Check when to get off the bus


Going somewhere new? Don’t worry about missing your stop! Plan your journey using your current location, and once you’re on board, select More Details to see a live map of your journey. Follow your current location (the moving blue dot) towards your end point so you know exactly when to get off.

9. Save your favourites for quicker journey planning

favourites app

Got a regular commute, favourite bus or local bus stop you use frequently? Saving your favourites on the app makes journey planning even quicker in the future. Simply tap the star button next to your favourite bus, journey or stop to save it as a favourite. Favourites will appear on your Home screen, and also on your account.

10. Buy tickets for the future


Got a few journeys to make in the future and want to plan ahead? You can buy up to 10 tickets on the Stagecoach Bus App which last up to 3 months before activation (some tickets may vary – check the terms and conditions of each ticket before boarding). Find these in My Tickets ready to get you where you need to go, when you need to go.

Download the Stagecoach Bus App now.