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Money-saving tips for January (to save all year round!)

09 Jan 2017

Overdid it at Christmas? Yep, we’ve all been there. Whether it was splurging on presents, too many “oh-go-on-then” drinks after work or just the expense of entertaining, it’s always an expensive month, which can make cold, grey January even more challenging!
So, how do you claw back your finances so you can enter February back in the black? While it’s easy to set big, dramatic goals and resolutions at the start of the year, small changes are actually the most sustainable. 
Here are some easy changes you can implement in January that should help you to save the pennies year round.

Meal planning

meal planning
We throw out 7 million tonnes of food every year, which is a huge waste of not only food, but money, too. So, how do you avoid buying too much on your weekly shop?
Meal planning is a great way to ensure you avoid waste, and also means you don’t get home from work and stare into the cupboards, wondering what to cook.
Before you do your food shop, write down the meals you want to eat this week. You don’t have to know exactly which day you’re going to eat each meal, just buy the ingredients for a selection of meals through the week, and don’t be distracted by special offers – they’re only a saving if you use them! 

Make your own lunch (and coffee!)


That £2 morning latte and £5 salad each day adds up – that’s £140 a month! Packing a lunch might not be convenient but it’ll save you one heck of a lot of money over a year! Get into the habit of packing your lunch in the morning, or even the night before. Why not make extra of whatever you have for dinner and pop some leftovers in a Tupperware to reheat at work.
Don’t know how to ditch your daily coffee habit? Get yourself a good flask, and make your coffee to-go in the morning.

Borrow books from the library


If books are your vice, why not sign up to your local library? Most libraries have a great network so, if they don’t have the book you want available, they can source it from another local branch. More of a Kindle fan? Most libraries allow you to borrow books on your eReader or tablet, too, to read on the go!

Set up an automatic transfer into your savings

Do you always have good intentions to save money each month but find yourself running on empty by payday? If you know you can’t trust yourself not to dip into the money you were supposed to be putting away, set up a standing order every month to send a set amount of money straight into your savings.

Set up price alerts

Got an eye on a big purchase but in no rush? Ensure you get the best possible price by using a site like Notifyy. Set up a wish list of items you plan to purchase and set up a price alert. You’ll get an email when the item goes into the sale so you can bite the bullet at the best possible time.

Put a jumper on


Brrr! Tempted to put the heating on when the temperature drops? It sounds like the kind of advice you’d get from your Dad, but try putting on another layer first before you jump straight to the switch.

Get fit for free

Gym memberships can be pricey, so why not check out our tips on how to get fit for free? From yoga in your own home (thanks, YouTube!), to free fitness apps, there are loads of ways to get fit without stretching your bank balance. Check out our top tips on getting fit for free.

Try comparison sites

Price comparison sites for car insurance and energy providers are great but if you’re prepared to put the time in you can make huge savings on your food shopping, too, by comparing products from different supermarkets. 

With MySupermarket you can search for the products you want to buy to compare prices across different supermarkets. You can also do your full shop, adding everything you need to into your basket, and the website will show you if there are cheaper options elsewhere for the same or similar items.

Go down a brand


You might not be able to quit your favourite cereal, but do you really need to buy branded tinned tomatoes or bread? Most supermarkets have several different ranges from basics to extra special. If you usually buy a branded or extra special brand, try going down to the brand below in your next shop and see if you can taste the difference.  If you can’t, save your pennies! It all adds up.

Get the bus!

Use our journey planner to see if you could save money on your usual commute. Travelling multiple times a week? Save with our megarider tickets and longer term tickets which are much cheaper than paying as you go! 

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