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It's easy being green! How you can help the environment by taking the bus

05 Jun 2017

In our towns and city centres, traffic congestion and its impact on air quality is becoming a big problem. 

As part of our ninth annual Green Week campaign, which takes place between the 5th and 9th June, Stagecoach is leading the way in delivering solutions to help reduce congestion in our major towns and cities. To find out how you can help the environment by taking the bus, read more and become part of our Green Week 2017!

green week

Change-up your morning routine

If you leave your car at home and take a Stagecoach bus to work, you are helping the environment by using a cleaner-per-passenger form of transport.

The stats show that just one double deck bus can take up to 75 cars off the road, freeing up road space and reducing congestion.  There are other benefits to taking the bus too. Walking to your local bus stop gives you a change of scenery and a chance to get some fresh air before you get to work, which can have a positive impact on your body and your mind. 

Buses are part of the green solution

At Stagecoach, we’re constantly innovating and working with our suppliers to introduce new buses that are both cleaner and greener within our towns and city centres. Across our fleet we operate hybrid-electric vehicles as well as gas buses, hydrogen buses and buses powered by bio-fuel. 

Our research also shows that taking the bus rather than commuting by car can also lead to a financial saving. When taking your car, you need to consider parking costs and fuel costs whereas, when hopping on one of our buses, our multi-journey tickets offer excellent value for money. With our various ticket options and the Stagecoach Bus App, it’s never been so easy to take the bus in the sunshine this summer. 

Get involved in Green Week!

We’re not just encouraging our customers to live greener lives, we also want our staff to get involved too! During Green Week our employees will be taking part in a range of activities including roadshows, quizzes, giveaways and leave-the-car-at-home days. 

Some of our companies will be awarding a Make a Difference Grant to school projects or community driven-initiatives, while others will be visiting schools and taking part in meeting the manager sessions within the local community.  

Sharing the responsibility of climate change means that we can share the many benefits of taking the bus and reduce congestion within our heavily polluted towns and city centres. 

74% of people in the UK say they are concerned about climate change, and 79% want to see a reduction in the use of fossil fuels over the next few decades; that’s why Stagecoach’s Green Week is a great opportunity to remind us all of the importance of using local bus services and being kinder to the environment. 

Learn more about Green Week

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