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11 best apps for a more productive commute

16 May 2017

How do you spend your commute? Relaxing with a podcast, catching up on your emails or taking the opportunity to grab 40 winks? The average commuter spends 57 minutes a day in transit so here’s our guide to the best apps for people on the move.


Love listening to podcasts and radio on-the-go? Stitcher makes it easy to access thousands of podcast episodes, news stories and public radio stations. Plus, you can download playlists for offline listening – perfect if you lose your signal on your journey. 

Download for iOS and Android


Want a more productive commute? Trello makes it easy to organise tasks, projects and to-dos online. It’s a beautifully easy app too, so you can get started on organising your day before you even get to the office!

Download for iOS and Android


Always find a fascinating article to read when you’re in the middle of doing something important? Pocket makes it easy to save links in your browser or phone, and syncs them so you can easily access them from anywhere – even if you’re offline. A great tool for using your commute to catch up on those long-form journalism pieces you never get around to reading!

Download iOS and Android


If you like to catch up with the news, read your favourite blogs or find engaging essays and articles on your commute, Flipboard makes it simple to browse your favourites, while also recommending other content personalised for you. Flipboard lays your content out beautifully in magazine-style format so you can easily flip through your feed.

Download iOS and Android


Want to get yourself in a positive frame of mind before work, or need to unwind after a stressful day? Calm has hundreds of meditations to help you to relax, get some perspective or calm down. Not convinced meditation is for you? Give it a try with Calm’s free 7 days of calm trial.

Download for iOS and Android


With the average commute lasting 57 minutes, you could read a book a week if you read at the average one-page-per-minute. Perfect if you never get time to read! The Kindle App is free even if you don’t own a Kindle, and is a great solution if you like to travel light.

Download for iOS and Android


Always wanted to learn a new language but never have the time? Duolingo is the easiest and most fun way to learn a language using only your phone! Learn everything from Spanish to Klingon by playing games – it barely feels like work at all! Each session lasts 5-10 minutes so you can easily squeeze a few into your commute time.

Download iOS and Android


Always trying to make the most of your time and learn new things? Curious helps you to learn new skills through video-based courses on everything from baking to coding. Choose how much time you have to dedicate to your learning each day, and the topics you’re interested in, and curious will find the best courses for you.

Download for iOS and Android

Five minute journal

Sometimes we can get so wound up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life we don’t give ourselves time to reflect on the great experiences of our day. 5 minute journal makes it easy to set your intention and affirmation for your day (which you could do on your morning commute) and then on the way home, reflect on what you’re grateful for. You can also add pictures so you can remember those special moments. 

Download for iOS and Android


With free WiFi on many of our buses, your commute can be a great time to catch up on that TV show everyone is talking about! The Netflix app lets you watch your favourites on-the-go from the comfort of the bus.

Download for iOS and Android

Stagecoach Bus App

stagecoach app

Make your commute less stressful with the Stagecoach Bus App. Plan your journey, check exactly when your bus will arrive, and buy and use mobile tickets so you never have to hunt for change or rush to the cash machine. Set your Home and Work locations for even easier commuting, and save your favourite journeys, buses and stops for super-fast journey planning.

Download for iOS and Android

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