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How to get more from your week - Newcastle

01 Feb 2018

Returning to work can often be a shock to the system and you’re probably already thinking about your next time off! Buying a megarider is your ticket to a week full of adventure – forget lazing about because during this week, you’re going to get out and explore.

In this series, we take a look at some of the major cities in the UK and suggest something fun you can do there every day of the week! Today’s city is Newcastle upon Tyne, so grab your weekly bus pass and hop on a Stagecoach bus to make the most of unlimited bus travel!

North East: Newcastle upon Tyne


There’s plenty to do in Newcastle upon Tyne, and with your megarider bus pass you have the opportunity to explore every inch of the city. Here are our suggestions of something to do every day in Newcastle to really get the most of your megarider ticket:


Visit the Centre for Life to explore the science village for an educational day out — you could even bring the kids along. However, if you’re child-free that day — you’ll be surprised at how many adults visit and take part in the vast amount of activities on offer. Learn about dinosaurs, what’s going on in your brain and attend the planetarium show where you can discover the wonders of the night sky.


Head to the Grainger Market situated in the heart of Newcastle. Being one of the biggest and best hidden gems in Newcastle, exploring the Grainger Market is a fantastic place to visit! From fresh meats to blooming flowers, why not treat yourself? 


Split your week up by taking a trip to the Theatre Royal and immerse yourself in some of the greatest produced shows in the country. Cilla, The Whitney Houston Show, Cinderella and The Kite Runner are all on the line-up and, being one of the most beautiful theatres in the country, it’s well worth a visit!


if you’re looking for a more adrenaline pumping day out, why not try one of the Escape Rooms in Newcastle? Whether you attend the Witchcraft & Wizardry or The Cabin themed room, grab a group of friends and help save your team by looking for clues that will enable your break-out.


Looking to learn more about the city? Head down to the Victoria Tunnel in Ouseburn, just along from the Newcastle Quayside. The tunnel is a 19th century wagonway that ran right under the city towards the Town Moor. In 1939, it was converted to an air-raid shelter to protect people from the WW2 bombings. After a two-hour trip (starting at 10:30am or 13:30pm), you will learn more about the city’s history. After your tunnel tour, why not take a look at Ouseburn Farm that’s just around the corner?


Are you a lover of movies? Take a trip to the independent Tyneside Cinema

to watch a range of films (including box office hits, those from the past, and indie films that you might not see elsewhere). Originally a News Theatre in 1937, you can even take a guided tour which features a newsreel display and learn more about the UK’s only purpose-built newsreel theatre. If you’re just after food and drinks, the Tyneside Bar Café has a brunch and evening menu serving food that is fresh to order. If you’re looking for something stronger, Vicolo — a coffee and cocktail bar is also a great place to stop. 


It would be going against all Geordie traditions if you didn’t attend the Quayside Market in Newcastle on a Sunday. Open from 9:00am to 16:00pm, you will have a chance to explore dozens of market stalls that run along the Quayside up to the Millennium Bridge. The market aims to bring cultures together, serving food from all around the world that will be sure to get those taste buds going. If you’re looking for a unique purchase, from ornaments to hand-crafted mirrors, this is the place for you!

Get your megarider now and do more!

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