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Students: Where to take your parents in Manchester

08 Feb 2018

This piece is by Ailish Sinclair, one of our Stagecoach Student Ambassadors. Find out more about our student ambassadors.

We’ve all had that feeling; frantically rushing around your flat, throwing all the empty cans and bottles on the kitchen table from last month’s pre-drinks into the recycling bin, washing the jenga mountain of dishes by the sink faster than you thought was humanly possible, attempting to change your bed sheets, picking up all the items of your floordrobe and throwing them into the washing machine…your parents are coming to visit!

Parents coming to visit while you’re at University is one of the best things that can happen, especially if you’re in need of some TLC after January exams, so here’s a handy guide of some good spots to take them to, so you can appear to do more than just study and frequent Manchester’s fine nightlife establishments…

1. Your University Campus

university of manchester

Parents love to see what your student loan is paying for! Show them all around campus, give them an idea of where you spend most of your time at uni, they’ll love being able to see the places you speak about over the phone. Both MMU and the University of Manchester campus’ are beautiful, so take some time showing them around, take them to the building your lectures are in, the café you eat lunch in, the SU - they’ll love it!

2. A museum or art gallery 

manchester central library

There are so many museums and galleries in and around Manchester that in between doing seminar readings and completing your coursework, you’ve probably not had the time to check them out. When your parents come to visit it’s a great excuse to get out and see what institutions Manchester has to offer. There’s the People’s History Museum, National Football Museum, Manchester Museum, the Imperial War Museum North, the Central Library, the Manchester Art Gallery, just to name a few! Your parents will love looking around these places, and with free entry to all of them it makes for a nice day out, if you’re not super interested in what’s in the museum or gallery, most of them have brilliant cafes that are definitely worth checking out! 

3. That restaurant you’ve been dying to go to


One of the best parts of your parents coming to visit is taking them to one of the many culinary delights that Manchester has to offer. There are so many quirky restaurants to suit all tastes, from stone baked pizzas at PLY to the exclusively vegan diner, V-Rev, or even a traditional northern pie and mash shop at Pieminister. When your parents come to visit it’s a great excuse to make a change from the usual a la carte student dinner of a jacket potato with beans and cheese and go a little further afield and explore a place you’ve kept meaning to visit. And usually, parents are all too happy to cover the bill! 

4. A nice outdoor space

green space

Manchester has some great green spaces on offer that make an ideal location for a nice stroll. If you’re based in Fallowfield there’s Platt Fields Park, just a 5 minute walk from the hub of Fallowfield. The park is gorgeous on a sunny day and boasts a lovely pond to walk around. If you’re a little further afield in Withington, the Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury is worth checking out, it has beautiful botanical gardens and links to the Trans-Pennie Trail. If you haven’t been to these places already it gives you a great excuse to explore them by taking your parents there, it also means that they get a bigger picture of Manchester and don’t just think of it as a concrete jungle.

5. The supermarket!


This is perhaps the most important place to take your parents. I’m not talking your budget supermarket where you normally buy your food, but the slightly more… upmarket shops were you know there are delicious treats you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. I know my Mum is never happy leaving me without the fridge and cupboards filled to the brim and overflowing with delicious foods and treats. I strongly recommend taking full advantage of this; you won’t have to do a food shop for weeks! Plus, your parents will rest in the knowledge that you won’t be living off cereal for at least a few weeks. 

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