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Best green spaces for study breaks in Manchester

08 May 2018

With deadlines, dissertations and exams all looming over the heads of many students at this time of year, it’s important to take some time out of studying for a little bit of self-care.

The Mancunian summer is fast approaching and I often find a great study break for clearing my head is going for a walk in a nice green space, in especially in the warmer and (sometimes) sunnier weather.

Luckily enough the Greater Manchester area boasts plenty of nature reserves, walking routes and parks which offer some fantastic breaks from being cooped up in your room surrounded by revision notes, empty coffee cups and chocolate wrappers.

1. The Fallowfield loop 

The Fallowfield loop is a cycle and pedestrian path that stretches from Chortlon-Cum-Hardy to Fairfield, passing right through the heart of Fallowfield. The path is surprisingly quiet and scenic considering how close it is to the main road. It can be accessed easily from Fallowfield, with the path going right past Sainsbury’s. So if you need a short break that’s on your doorstep, I highly recommend getting out and getting onto this path for a wander. There are plenty of parks dotted about just off the route and it’s really well signposted, so you can make the most of exploring, for as little, or as long as you want!

2. Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury

fletcher moss park

Fletcher Moss Park is just past Didsbury village and is a great place to walk around in the summer sun. There’s a botanical garden and some beautiful open green spaces to set up camp and relax for a while. As an added bonus, going through Didsbury means you can also check out some of the local cafes and restaurants too, or do a spot of charity shopping if you need an extra little treat after a hard study session. The park also leads out onto the Trans-Pennine trail which takes you right along the river Mersey, if you fancy a longer walk (please note this route has a high change of you encountering some incredibly cute dogs).

3. Chorlton Water Park

Chorlton Water Park is the perfect place for a stroll and is only a short bus journey away from Fallowfield. The park trail takes you around a gorgeous lake which is surrounded by woodlands, with all sorts of nature to look at, you can even relive your childhood and even feed the ducks if you fancy some nostalgia (just remember not to feed them bread, and check out this list of what to feed them instead)!. It’s extremely peaceful and the route around the lake is only a mile long, making it a very relaxing amble for a quick break in between studying. There’s also plenty benches for a picnic break if you want to spend as much time as possible there.

4. Debdale Park and Gorton Reservoir

gorton reservoir

Debdale Park is slightly farther out than the others, but it won’t disappoint. The park itself is accessible by bus or from the Fallowfield loop. The park is gorgeous with plenty of space to sit and enjoy the sun, but it also leads onto a circuit of the reservoir which is simply stunning! Dotted around the reservoir are loads of fishing platforms, so if you time it just right, they are prime sun traps and sit right at the water’s edge, making for an attractive spot to kick back and relax. (There’s also a McDonald’s right by the entrance to the park, if you REALLY want to indulge yourself).

5. Etherow Country Park

etherow country park

Etherow Country Park is the furthest out of central Manchester as it takes two buses from Fallowfield but it is more than worth it. If you feel like you really need to get away, this is the place to go. This is definitely worth a full day so perhaps it’s worth saving as an after deadline or exam adventure. There are loads of different walking routes you can take; into the woods, around the reservoir or into the hills. It features a very impressive mill pond as well which is a must for any Instagram account!  

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