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Top apps for students

05 Oct 2018

So you’re already owning it on Snapchat, #blessed on Instagram, and you sometimes use Facebook to make sure your parents know you’re alive, but are you really using your Smartphone to its full potential at university?

There are a whole host of apps designed purely to make your university life easier and cheaper, from managing your finances, to saving your work, to making notes to referencing.

Here are the apps you absolutely need while at university:


For never worrying about your memory stick… Dropbox


No matter how careful you are, there's a good chance you'll lose your USB stick. At least once. And definitely after you've spent an entire afternoon working on the most important essay of your term. Minimise the risk by using Dropbox to save and store your files, both on desktop and on your mobile. Nothing's foolproof, though, so always remember to hit 'Save'...

Download from the App Store or Google Play


For cooking, cleaning and learning how to make anything in a mason jar… Pinterest


Pinterest has almost literally everything. Got more wine corks than you know what to do with? Cork chair is the obvious answer. Want to decorate your halls but don’t have any money? Toilet paper art is a thing. But seriously, Pinterest is an absolute goldmine for recipes, cleaning tips, DIYs, productivity tips, at-home workouts...basically any and all the inspiration you could want. Search for exactly what you need, whether that’s the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe or how to clean your bathroom (your mum isn’t going to do that for you anymore!)


For managing your essays, plans and general life…Wunderlist

If it hasn’t already, your to-do list while at university will explode. Suddenly you’re responsible for everything from food shopping, to scheduling your own doctor’s appointments (eek!), to managing your own diary as well as, *gasp*, trying to get your coursework done. It can be overwhelming.

If a paper diary doesn't do it for you, Wunderlist is a great way to organise everything going on in your brain, from your shopping lists to your essay deadlines. You can break down big projects into smaller tasks so they're less intimidating, schedule reminders and, satisfyingly, tick off what you've achieved. 

Download from the App Store or Google Play


For managing your money… Money Dashboard

money dashboard

Having to manage your finances for the first time, and not blow them all in the first week, is pretty scary. Can you afford that pub crawl or do you have text books you need to buy next month? Money Dashboard allows you to easily keep track of your spending by connecting to your banking apps and helping you see exactly where your money goes. Which is totally fine if you’re okay with realising you spent £120 last month on takeaways…

Download from the AppStore or GooglePlay


For saving links wherever you are… Pocket


Pocket is a great way to easily save links so you can access them across devices. So if you stumble upon a great article for your essay while scrolling through Facebook on your phone, Pocket lets you save it to check out later onyour laptop. Or if you find a great Buzzfeed quiz while you’re supposed to be working, you can save it for your commute.

Download from the App Store or Google Play


For getting around… Stagecoach Bus


And of course, if you’ve got a unirider, you need to download the Stagecoach Bus app! Get live bus times, plan your journey, save your favourite routes, journeys and stops and track your journey so you know exactly when to get off the bus.

Download from the App Store or Google Play