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In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.
In Wales you must wear a 3 layer face covering on public transport and put it on before travelling unless you are exempt.

Things to do in Manchester before you leave behind your student life

12 Sep 2018

This piece is by Ailish Sinclair, one of our Stagecoach Student Ambassadors. Find out more about our student ambassadors.

September is here and it’s a time of change for a lot of students. A new academic year is starting and, if you’re in second year and above that normally means moving into a new house with all your friends and looking forward to the year ahead. Sadly, for some, September might mean leaving university all together and entering into the world as a graduate. So, in the spirit of change and new beginnings, I’ve compiled a list of things to make sure you do before leaving Manchester.

1. Have one last night out with your friends

Celebrate making it through your degree with all the friends you’ve made along the way! Re-enact your favourite nights out and go to all of your most frequented institutions and sleep soundly in the knowledge that you don’t have to wake up for a 9am lecture. Also, make sure that you take advantage of those student discounts whilst you’ve still got them!

Night out

2. Go for brunch in the Northern Quarter

This should generally follow the above! After your last student night out, treat yourself to a classy and filling brunch in the Northern Quarter. There’s so much on offer for all different tastes, but you’ll be sure to fill your boots in relaxed and chic surroundings whilst nursing a slightly sore head. Mackie Mayor is one of my personal favourites, it used to be an old marketplace and makes for a relaxed atmosphere that’s really light and airy. It also has a huge variety of food stalls for all tastes, so everyone will be satisfied.

3. Be a tourist!

Go and explore Manchester! Be a tourist in the city that you’ve called home. It’s so easy to get caught up in University life, with deadlines, clubs, societies and lectures. Use your new-found freedom to really get to explore Manchester. Visit Alan Turing’s statue in Sackville Gardens, go and take a wonder around Manchester Museum and if you’ve got a few hours to spare, check out Manchester’s Free Walking Tour and learn a little more about the city you’ve come to love!

4. Bee in the City

This is an amazing project is only around until 23rd of September. There are over 100 different bees all over Manchester and Greater Manchester and are all designed by              different artists. Tracking them down will no doubt take you round corners and into places you’ve never even wondered into before. You can download the Bee in the City app        to help you keep track off all the ones you’ve seen and all the places you’ve been.

5. Watch a football match

Manchester is known for its love of the great game. If you haven’t had the time or money to catch a game while you’ve been studying, then now’s your chance! Whether you’re a City or United fan, getting to the stadiums is so easy on public transport and soaking up the atmosphere is even better. If football’s not really you’re thing then at least check out the National Football Museum, it’s very interactive with loads of games to get stuck into and makes for a fun day out.

Football pitch

6. Get out of the student bubble of Fallowfield

Make sure you’ve seen more of Manchester than just the route from your student house to University. Use the last few days of your summer to check out all those places that seemed a little too far afield. Chorlton and Didsbury are both lovely places to go on an afternoon stroll, take a break at local independent café’s and farmers markets and grab a drink at one of the many cool bars.

7. Make plans for your next visit

Manchester will always be here and if you’ve lived in this awesome city, chances are you’ll want to come back to visit. So, make plans for your next visit and make sure you tick off anything you missed before moving!

We haven't forgotten about current students - if it's back to the books for another year, make sure your travel is sorted with your StagecoachSmart student card.

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