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Why you should take the bus Christmas shopping

14 Nov 2019

Online shopping has its perks but there’s nothing quite like a festive trip to the shops. Whether you’re hitting your local high street, visiting a nearby Christmas market or going all-out at a shopping centre, how will you be getting there?

If the thought of taking the car fills you with dread, why not hop on a bus instead? There are many advantages to getting the bus that might  give you that little lift you need over Christmas...

Cheaper than parking

With presents to pay for and all those festive nights out to consider, Christmas can be expensive — and the last thing you want is to be shelling out for parking.
It’s no secret that city centre parking is expensive. If you’re going to be shopping for a good few hours, the costs can quickly mount up. Our day tickets offer great value for money — travel as much as you like all day, so you can even pop over to the next town if you can’t quite find that perfect gift. 

No battle for a car parking space


If you’ve ever driven in the city centre at Christmas, you’ll have battled your way through lengthy queues and endless traffic only to face another fight — the parking war! Parking spaces can be few and far between on peak shopping days, so take the bus instead and, while everyone else is searching for a space, you’ll have already started your shopping.

Avoid traffic


The best thing about buses? Bus lanes! While other motorists wait it out in queues, you’ll whizz past them in the bus lane — perfect for getting you there in good time and keeping your road rage to a minimum!

More environmentally friendly

At Christmas, the UK uses enough wrapping paper to go around the equator nine times. Throw in 4,500 tonnes of tin foil and enough Christmas trees that — end to end — would stretch to New York City and back, and Christmas is categorically unkind to the environment.
At a time when it’s difficult to go green, ditching the car and taking the bus to town can help you do your bit. It may only be a small change but it’s a start!

No need to de-ice the car


It’s already a race against time to get those must-have toys that have topped your little one’s wish list — and what are you doing? You’re wasting time de-icing the car!
As you scrape away the ice and wait for the condensation to clear — all in the freezing cold — other parents are one step ahead. They’ve hot-footed it to the bus stop and hopped on the next bus to town — and you’re still stuck in your driveway. Give yourself the best chance of getting those festive must-haves and take the bus instead.

Already warm

Speaking of the cold, if you take the bus, there’ll be no blast of cold air as you wait for your car heaters warm up. Instead, you can sit in the warmth and start ticking off tasks from your to-do list. Why not write out your Christmas cards or start penning your shopping list?

No rush


With no worries about parking, you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock for the parking meter so you can take as much time as you like. The world is your Christmas oyster!Plan your journey in advance and check live bus times on the App, so you can spend less time waiting and more time shopping!


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