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Stop procrastinating

07 Oct 2019

Why is it that procrastinating makes more sense than actually getting stuff done? Except, it actually doesn’t. These things that we keep putting off and making excuses about don’t disappear. Instead, they take up space – physically and mentally – when in reality it’d take just a few minutes to complete the task and we’d feel so much better for it. Here are a few things we’ve been known to put off and the quick fixes for them:

Emptying the bin

Those five minutes you spent trying to balance that yoghurt pot on the top of the bin would have been put to better use actually taking out the rubbish and putting in a fresh bag.

Homer gifCredit: GIPHY

Changing the address on your driving licence

You moved into a new house six months ago and there was so much on your to-do list that you never got around to changing the address on your driving licence. The good news is address changes can be made online on the DVLA website and will only take a few minutes so tick that task off your list.


Credit: GIPHY

Calling a colleague

We’re all guilty of it. Emailing back and forth with a colleague about a project, with hours and days between responses, just so you don’t need to pick up the phone to discuss it. Guess what? A two minute phone call can resolve it all and help your stress levels at the same time!


Credit: GIPHY


For some, exercising is a way of life and nothing will stop them from heading to the gym on a daily basis. For others, it’s a constant internal battle of pros and cons, excuses and benefits. Even if you choose to only jog for 10 minutes or swim a couple of laps in the gym pool, making the decision to do something rather than putting it off for another day is a step in the right direction.

Horizontal running

Credit: GIPHY

Going to the dentist

No one enjoys going to the dentist but it’s often a case of prevention is better than cure. Ideally, you should have a check-up every six months but unless you make that appointment as you’re leaving your latest date with the dentist then chances are you’re going to forget. Before you know it, its been six months and your dentist is now so busy that you can’t get an appointment for another six weeks. The last thing you want is to have dental pain and no access to a dentist. Make sure you book in at the end of your appointment to stay up to date with your dental health.

dentistCredit: GIPHY 

Checking your boobs

Whether it’s the fear of finding something or thinking you don’t need to, there are lots of excuses people make for not regularly checking their boobs. With one in nine women and one in 1000 men being diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life, it’s so important to take a few minutes to regularly check for any signs or symptoms. We can't stress enough that breast cancer doesn't care about gender so it's essential that everyone checks their chest. The #changeandcheck campaign, launched by Lorraine Kelly, is promoting awareness and you can find out more on their website.

breast cancer Credit: GIPHY


Let's be realistic. If you're a procrastinator then you're not going to change overnight but choosing to make one small change might just set you off on the path to doing rather than dawdling and that's progress!

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