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Buchan passengers give thumbs up to local bus services

27 Apr 2016

• More than 90% of respondents satisfied with ease of travel and reliability of services in the area
• Majority of people believe new Buchan Xpress vehicles have improved service

Passengers in the Buchan area have given a thumbs up to local bus services, an independent survey has shown.

Edinburgh based company, LJ Research, undertook market research in the Buchan area earlier this month. 

The survey – commissioned by Stagecoach North Scotland - revealed that 94% of bus users in Buchan are very or fairly satisfied with the ease of travel to local amenities while 92% said they were very or fairly satisfied with the reliability of services.

The results also showed that 97% of bus users interviewed said they had travelled on the new Buchan Xpress coaches. Out of the people who expressed a view on whether or not the new Buchan Xpress coaches had improved the service, 8 out of 10 said they thought they had delivered an improvement. Only 13 respondents said they felt the new coaches were not an improvement to the service. 

A total of 201 people were interviewed as part of the research. The survey also showed that:

• 84% of people said they had used bus services in the two weeks prior to the survey while 68% said they had travelled by bus within the previous week.

• 77% of people in the Buchan area said they didn't have the option of travelling by other means  - 97% of these respondents said they did not own a car, confirming the important role the bus plays in keeping people connected. 

• 98% of those asked said they were very or fairly satisfied with route/destination information on the outside of the bus while over three quarters of people said they were fairly or very satisfied with the information provided at the bus stop. 

• 99% of people surveyed were very or fairly satisfied with the cleanliness and condition of the bus inside and the outside while 99%  of people also said they were very or fairly satisfied with the comfort of the seats

• 99% said they were happy with the safety of driving while travelling with Stagecoach

The survey results also included suggestions from customers of potential improvements to services within the Buchan area, including further accessibility improvements*, improvements to on-board facilities and customer service improvements.

Commenting on the findings, Steve Walker, Managing Director for Stagecoach North Scotland, said: 

"We are always keen to hear the views of our passengers and it’s very pleasing to know that the vast majority of our customers in Buchan are satisfied with the service we provide. Most people also agree that the new Buchan Xpress vehicles are an improvement to the service we provide in Buchan and it is great that so many of our passengers are satisfied with many aspects of the overall service we are providing. 

“We know we can always get better and we are working hard to improve our services further across all areas of our business, including on Buchan Xpress routes. We engage fully with the local community and will continue to do so, and we look forward to attracting even more people on to our greener, smarter bus services in Buchan in the future.”

The survey was completed in Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Mintlaw and Ellon between Friday 1st April until Wednesday 6th April. Face-to-face on-the-spot  interviews with members of the public asked opinions from bus users as well as non bus users about the service Stagecoach North Scotland offer within the area. The survey was weighed to be demographically representative of the regular passengers on the Buchan Xpress coaches with 20% of those interviewed being 60 years old or over.