12 Aug 2016

• Minor timing revisions to many services to improve reliability
• Town service frequencies revised

From Monday 15th August bus passengers across North Scotland will see changes to some of their services. The changes are being introduced to reflect changing levels of use by regular passengers and are intended to help make it easier to commute by bus. 

Many of the timetable revisions are minor re-timings to ensure the timetables reflect the running times of services during peak and off-peak travel times. 

The changes from 15th August mark the end of the summer services as schools return after their summer break. Service 501 will operate for the last time in 2016 on Sunday 14th August.

From the same date service 62 will begin to serve the Brewdog factory near Ellon to provide workers and visitors a public transport link to the site. 

Due to low passenger use some individual journeys will be withdrawn on services from Monday 15th August. The 1755 Elrick - Aberdeen X18, evening services on the X62 and 1956 Kinguissie - Aviemore have all been withdrawn. Local services in Buchan will also see revised frequencies with service 82 now operating every 30 minutes (previously operated every 15 minutes) as well as service 22 now being an hourly service in Inverurie (previously operated every 45 minutes). 

Steve Walker, Managing Director for Stagecoach North Scotland said: "We always welcome feedback on our services and have analysed a lot of our own data to revise the network ensuring reliability is as high as it can be. 2016 has been a challenging year for us with major road works and heavy congestion in both Aberdeen and Inverness disrupting our network. The changes from 15th August will ensure our services remain reliable for our customers in the challenging times we are faced with."

All timetables from 15th August are now available online at as well as in local travel shops in Aberdeen, Peterhead, Elgin and Inverness.