Valentines on us

30 Jan 2017


valentines on us golden ticket

Pictured: Business Development Manager Karen Coventry with a 'Golden Ticket'

Oxford Tube, the coach service that travels between Oxford and London 24-hours-a-day, has today announced it will give out five Golden Tickets Willy Wonka style to passengers travelling on its service ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The Golden Tickets have launched to celebrate Oxford Tube’s new contactless payment system that enables passengers to say goodbye to scrambling around for change as they can now pay for tickets using a contactless debit or credit card, and Apple or Google Pay device.

There are five Golden Tickets up for grabs; one will be handed out at random each day to a passenger boarding the coach between Wednesday 1 February and Sunday 5 February. To be eligible for winning a ticket passengers have to pay using the new contactless system.

Oxford Tube is hoping to make five passengers’ Valentine’s Day extra special this year as the Golden Ticket will entitle them to a £100 cheque, a Tube 12 ticket*, plus a refund for the journey the passenger made that day.

Martin Sutton, Managing Director for Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Oxford Tube, said: “We’re all extremely excited about our new contactless payment systems and wanted to spread some of that cheer onto our customers. Valentine’s Day can be pricey, especially after the festive season, therefore we wanted to give our passengers the chance to win Valentine’s Day on us this year – and make it one to remember.”

For tickets and more information on the Oxford Tube visit