Even more 2 for 1 offers in East Sussex announced

01 Jul 2015

Dotto Train

Local bus company Stagecoach has announced even more 2 for 1 offers at local attractions for bus passengers this summer. Special discounts are now available at over 40 attractions, providing some great ideas for parents looking for cheaper ways to entertain the family during the summer holidays.

One of the attractions returning this summer is Eastbourne’s popular Dotto Train. Passengers can get on board the mini-train for just £2 a single ride (£1 for children). The historic Battle attractions of Yesterday’s World and Battle Abbey are also offering 2 for 1 discounts and Stagecoach has recently expanded its Hastings ticket zone to include Battle, lowering the cost of travelling to those attractions for many local people.

Stagecoach’s summer edition of the ‘Big Bus Guide’ details all the attractions offering discounts to bus users. There are a range of activities available, from family friendly days out to more grown up venues such as art galleries.

Full details of all the participating attractions can be found online.