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Stagecoach boosts bus service to St Dunstans

10 Sep 2015

  • New bus link from Whitstable town centre to University of Kent and St Dunstan’s 
  • Extra buses between St Dunstan’s and Canterbury city centre
  • Night buses to serve Hales Place
  • Buses between Keynes College and St Dunstan’s to double in frequency
Local bus company Stagecoach are set to deliver four extra buses an hour to the St Dunstan’s area of Canterbury from 21st September.
Canterbury Unibus

The improvements are part of wider changes that include a new link from Whitstable town centre into St Dunstan’s that also serves the University of Kent. The new buses between Whitstable and Canterbury will be numbered route 36 and will offer an alternative to the popular 'Triangle' bus route for those wanting to travel from Whitstable into the city.

Philip Norwell managing director of Stagecoach South East said “The changes we're making in September will bring buses from Whitstable and the University of Kent to the Westgate Towers bus stop on North Lane, offering new travel options for people wanting to visit the St Dunstan’s area of the city". He added “We're excited to be able to make these improvements at the same time as the University students return for the start of term".

The Unibus service that links the University of Kent with the city centre will also be enhanced. The old route 26 will be replaced with a new ‘Uni 2’ bus route providing late night buses between Hales Place, the University and the city centre. Uni 2 buses will run from Hales Place to the University, then on to Canterbury West Station and the city centre, via Kingsmead Sainsbury’s (Monday to Saturday). The current Unibus route will be named ‘Uni 1’ and will run between Canterbury city centre and the University campus (via Canterbury East Station) up to every 7 minutes.

The new timetables are available to view online, with published timetable leaflets available from 14 September.