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Some fun things to do at home this Easter

22 Mar 2021

We're all looking forward to an eggcellent Easter Bank Holiday (sorry we couldn't resist), lets hope there's some sunshine and plenty of chocolate!


Easter Colouring 

We've created a colouring sheet to keep the little ones busy (or maybe even mum and dad!) - it's free and printable! Just click on the bunny picture below

If you send them back to us on Twitter we can share with everyone else and spread some Easter joy 

easter image

The Classic Easter Egg Hunt 

We know you may not be able to get out and grab supplies for this one but you can get crafty with bits you have at home. Hide lots of little eggs (or alternative treats) around the garden or the house, whoever finds the most wins. Why not create a golden egg? so whoever finds this gets a special prize. 

Easter 4

Clue Hunt

This is a personal favourite of get around 10 small pieces of paper and on each you write a clue to where the next piece is hidden. So for example you'd start with one "This is where Dad keeps all his tools" (the shed) so the next clue would be in the shed and so on. Then at the end there is a prize, maybe an Easter Egg?

This game is great as you can play both indoors and in the garden and make it as hard or easy as you like (depends how long you want to keep them busy for!) It's also a nice game for siblings to bond and help each other with the clues. 

Family Monopoly Challenge

We know family board games can be a sore subject in some households but we've got to at least try and get on, especially at times like this. Keep a score sheet so there are no fall outs and don't let the cheater of the family be banker. 

No Monopoly? - try a different board game

Easter 1


Egg Decorating

If you're okay with using some of your egg supplies, then it can be great fun for the kids to decorate a hard boiled egg. Why not have a theme? pirates, Disney, princesses or just good ol' Easter chicks and bunnies. 

Get into the spirit and make some bunny ears with a plain headband, some pipe cleaners and 2 hair grips (credit

Easter 2SWLS-bunnyears




Movie Day

All crafted out? yeah us too. Have a guilt-free lazy movie is Easter after all. There are plenty of great films on TV over the weekend, so all you need to do is grab the snacks, sit back and relax. 

Easter 6  

From all of the staff at Stagecoach in South Wales, may we wish you a peaceful Easter 

easter image 1