Stagecoach expands smart ticketing in South West England

18 Jan 2016

  • All Megarider tickets to be stored on StagecoachSmart cards from today
  • Smart ticketing offer simple, greener approach to bus travel
  • Customers advised to register their cards online to protect against theft, loss or damage

Stagecoach South West confirmed today that it is expanding its smart ticketing scheme across the region.

From Monday (18th January), all Megarider tickets* bought on board Stagecoach South West buses will be stored on StagecoachSmart cards. Drivers will issue customers with a smartcard, which will store their ticket electronically, instead of using a paper ticket.  

The expanded smart ticketing scheme offers customers a more convenient, simple and greener approach to buying and using their bus ticket.

Stagecoach South West introduced smart ticketing in 2012. Until now, customers have been able to obtain a StagecoachSmart card through by buying their first 4 week Megarider ticket online.

From today, all customers purchasing a 1 week or 4 week Megarider ticket on the bus will have their ticket added to a smartcard, rather than printed on a paper ticket. Customers should then retain their smartcard when the ticket expires as the card can be used again and again to store additional tickets either by purchasing them on the bus (1 week or 4 week tickets) or online (4 week tickets). Every time you travel the card should be placed over the reader until the green light shows, and helpfully the expiry date is displayed on the screen as a reminder.

Customers loading travel on to their smartcard online also have access to Megarider Xtra tickets which allow them to pay for their travel through hassle-free automatic monthly payments.

Storing bus tickets on smartcards helps to speed up boarding times, save paper and provides additional security features for customers.

Once in receipt of their smartcard, customers are strongly advised to register their card online ( By doing so, they have the added protection that if their card is stolen, lost or damaged they can contact a dedicated helpline, have the card blocked and have a  replacement issued.

Bob Dennison, Managing Director of Stagecoach South West, said: "This is a fantastic development which we hope will make travel even easier and more convenient for our customers. We are working hard to deliver even better service for the many people who rely on our bus services every day across the south west of England. .’

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*Excluding Plymouth Megarider and Plymouth Megarider Plus tickets which were introduced following our acquisition of services in Plymouth in September 2015, and will be made available on StagecoachSmart for the first time in February.

A £5 fee may apply to any replacements issued for lost or stolen tickets

Megariders bought on the bus must be bought with cash

For full Smartcard terms and conditions visit