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Dartmouth Treasure Hunt by Bus

25 Aug 2020


In July 2020, I released a brand new, activity for visitors to Dartmouth, Dartmouth Treasure Hunts. It’s a game, a quiz, an activity and a lot of fun.

The treasure hunt is based on our state-of-the-art-app that runs on your phone. There are 18 hotspots, located around Dartmouth and Kingswear, and over 100 tasks. 

Using the app you navigate your way to the hotspots, when you are close, they unlock and set you a number of tasks. If you complete the tasks correctly you get points. 


The tasks include questions where the answers are somewhere near your location, general knowledge and creative tasks that require a good imagination.

As part of the game you will learn some amazing facts about Dartmouth, visit parts of the town that most visitors never see and have a lot of fun.

If there is a large group of you or a number of families, you can have your own private treasure hunt. You split into teams and compete against each other. See who can complete the most tasks and get the most points. There are also creative tasks where you can demonstrate your acting skills and imagination.

The videos and photos you take typically create a lot of laughter when you review them in the bar or café after your game.

If you are a couple or small family, you can play the game but also use the treasure hunt as an explorer app. Complete the tasks at your leisure and take your time to take in some of the amazing views.

The treasure hunt is designed for between 2-50 players, suitable for ages 10-70 and averages £4-£8/person. 

No need to book, just pay and play. You could be playing in just 10 minutes.

There is lots more information on the treasure hunt and how it works on our website. Once you are ready to play just go to our “Buy Now” page, pay with your credit card and off you go.

To find out more and to get your treasure hunt started visit us at