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Changes in Exeter from 14th June 2020

12 Jun 2020

We are please to say that from 14th June we will be introducing a major uplift to services across our network and returning many of our bus services to their normal timetables.

The COVID19 outbreak and UK wide lockdown has resulted in much less travel across the region. Throughout the last three months we have worked hard to keep keyworkers and essential travel connected, running buses across the South West. In light of the recent government announcement to relax retail restrictions, we are delighted to be able to increase the frequency of our buses. For many areas, this will mean a return to the timetable you had before the COVID19 outbreak. Other routes will not be able to return to normal just yet, but have more buses than the emergency timetables operating. There are a few routes where you will have a new timetable. 

We undertook an extensive consultation process earlier this year for the routes we are changing. We have listened to customer feedback and worked with key stakeholders across the city, and as a result we have made some essential changes in line with changing needs and travel patterns and to better connect shift workers. 

Our comprehensive city network features numerous interchanges for ease of connecting to onward buses, cycle points and rail

 Network Map

Route A
Alphington • St Thomas • City Centre  •  Heavitree • Thornpark Rise

New timetable introduced to operate every 20 minutes.

Route B
City Centre • Marsh Barton  • Exminster

New timetable introduced to operate every 30 minutes between Exeter Bus Station and Exminster, and hourly to Dawlish Monday to Saturday (as per original plan).  All journeys now serving Matford Park & Ride. Extra journeys between the City and Matford now operate on Sundays.

Routes D/H 
University • Digby  (D)  St David’s • Hospital • Digby (H1/H2) 

Route D Will not be operating until further notice. When it returns it will run between St Lukes and the University. The Quarry Park Road and Pynes Hill areas will now be served by new route H2. 
Route H Has a new timetable introduced to operate a revised full service. H1 will operate from St Davids to Digby via Broadfields every hour. H2 will operate from St Davids to Digby via Pynes  Hill every hour, on the opposite half hour. 
Service H also operates between St David’s and RD&E Hospital every 30 minutes, making a 15 minute service between St David’s and RD&E. Download a map here.


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 Route D  Route H

Route E/F
Exwick • Exeter • Savoy Hill 

Changes have been made to allow these routes to serve core Exeter residential fringe areas separately, improving service reliability caused by delays crossing congested areas. Passengers will be able to connect to onward buses in the city centre for cross city journeys.
Route E will now operate as Routes E1 and E2- a circular service between South Street and Exwick . Route E1 will operate via Redhills and E2 via Farm Hill. Buses will operate every 15 minutes from South Street. Download a map here.
Route F1 will operate from Sidwell Street to Union Road, Prince Charles Road, Lancelot Road and Savoy Hill. Route F2 will operate it’s normal route to Summerway from Sidwell Street. Buses will operate every 30 minutes from Sidwell Street.Download a map here.


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 Route E  Route F

Route IJKT
Monkerton • Digby • Exeter • Countess Wear • Topsham 

Routes I/J New timetable introduced to operate every 30 minutes. Route K will be revised to operate between Sidwell Street and Tithebarn Green/ Science Park every 20 minutes. The route will now operate via Pinhoe Road. Whipton Barton will be served by routes I and J. Route T will operate between Exeter High Street and Topsham, evenings & Sundays with the three additional Mon-Sat journeys. 

Route L 
Pinhoe • Cuty Centre 

A new timetable and simpler route has been introduced to improve reliability.  Buses will operate between Fore Street and Pinhoe, every 30 minutes. 
Buses will no longer serve EDF Energy , which is covered by the Red P&R plus routes 4 and 56, or Crossmead which is covered by route P.

Route P
Crossmead • St Thomas • City Centre • Mount Pleasant Road • Pennsylvania

Will revert back to the previous timetable.

Route R/S
Rifford Road • City Centre • Topsham Road  • Heavitree 

New timetable introduced to operate every 30 minutes, Monday to Sunday.

Route RED P&R
Honiton Road P&R • Whipton • City Centre 

New timetable introduced to operate every 20 minutes, Monday to Sunday.


Kestrel Way • Sowton Park & Ride • Heavitree • City Centre 
New timetable introduced to operate every 20 minutes, with weekday peak extensions to Kestrel Way. 

Night bus N57 Will not be operating until further notice.
Dedicated school services Will not be operating until further notice.