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8 things you didnt know about Stagecoach South West

23 Mar 2020

Know all there is to know about Stagecoach? Maybe not!



Exeter is the biggest provincial depot within Stagecoach, WOW!


There is a lot more than meets the eye at our picturesque Devon depots.

The south west operation is one of the largest in the whole of the

Stagecoach Group; we operate 400 buses in total! Phew that’s a lot of buses! 






The weirdest thing that has ever been left in lost property.


We have had many strange things left on our buses over the years

including false teeth, a prosthetic leg, live crickets, and even a Kitchen Sink.

There really never is a dull moment on a Stagecoach South West bus.





A fully loaded double decker bus can take 75 cars off the road, that’s right 75!


Buses are a great way to keep Devon green! If you switched just

one car journey in 25, you can remove one billion car journeys from

our roads and result in a reduction of 2m tonnes of CO2! It feels great

to do your bit for the planet!



We carry on average 78,000 dogs a year, that's over 200 dogs a day!


That’s right dog lovers, Stagecoach buses are the place to be! From

Poodles to Great Danes chances are we have carried them all. Don’t

forget your fury friends travel for free across our South West network.





We have been operating a bus service in Devon for 100 years!


We started our story back in 1919 as Devon General, operating until

1996 when Stagecoach South West was born. We have been the bread

and butter bus operator in Devon ever since, what an achievement!

That’s a lot of people we’ve safely driven from A to B.




Stagecoach South West have their very own mascot called Gary the Rabbit.


Yes, you read that correctly – Gary the Rabbit. Famous in Torbay and

loved by children across the South West, Gary ventures far and wide

with his open top hopper crew. Gary has grown quite the ego with his

very own diary of events and wardrobe full of latest styles. 





Stagecoach South West raised a whopping £22,000 for charity in 2018 alone.


The stagecoach south west team are a charitable bunch, from sky

dives to coffee mornings, you name it they will do it to help a worthy

cause. This year we have challenged ourselves to beat that total so

watch this space.



Our longest serving member of staff has been here for 57 years, starting in 1962.


You may be more familiar with popular pop/ rock band 1975 than the

year 1962 but that’s the year our longest serving member of staff entered

the doors of Stagecoach South West. He loves it so much he’s been here

ever since and we can’t get rid of him!