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Next stop announcements launched in Torbay

08 Dec 2021

Route 12 torbay
Stagecoach South West and Torbay council partnership sees next stop announcements launched in Torbay.

Stagecoach South West are rolling out audio-visual next stop announcements across some of its Torbay fleet of buses.  Utilising the latest technology, customers of popular routes 12 and 22 will be served announcements of each stop as the vehicle approaches, this innovation was made possible thanks to significant investment secured in partnership with Torbay Council.

Audio-visual systems will be a well-recognised part of the journey for travellers using public transport in cities such as London. The technology allows passengers to know exactly where their bus or train is, which is a great feature for anyone new to the area. Now Stagecoach South West have installed this technology on 30 buses, operating two of it’s most popular routes in the Torbay Area. Route 12 connects Newton Abbot with Torquay, Paignton and Brixham every 10 minutes, whilst the 22 connects Dawlish Warren with Teignmouth, St Marychurch, Torquay, Paignton and South Devon College every 20 minutes.

With the new technology, buses will feature a scrolling message alerting passengers of the next stop on the route, whilst the system also sounds a spoken announcement to customers on board. The project is aimed to help customers with visual impairments travel independently plus will prove a major benefit to the many visitors the bay welcomes every year.

Stagecoach have programmed the system to enable GPS auto-adjusting destination displays so that the vehicle will show key via points relevant to the area that the bus is currently in - for example, a bus travelling to Brixham will no longer show a generic destination of Torquay as via point, but instead display Goodrington, given passengers greater confidence when travelling. 

Stagecoach South West Managing Director Mike Watson “We are delighted to be able to bring this technology to our buses in Torbay.  As we look to emerge from Covid, we have an opportunity for all partners - operators, national government and local authorities to work together to harness the huge potential of the bus to help tackle climate change, deliver better air quality in our towns and cities, secure improved mobility for local people and support a sustainable economic recovery for the country. Project’s like this help to make public transport an attractive and viable option for local communities and visitors to the bay,  making our buses even easier to use.” Mike adds “There is plenty more that can be done with this system, and we will be adding to it over the coming months to continually improve customer experience.

A Torbay council spokesperson said “Cllr Steve Darling, Leader of Torbay Council said; “We are pleased to be able to fund the introduction of this on-board technology, modernising our local bus fleet, supported by planning contributions from new developments across Torbay and grant funding. As a bus user myself and someone who is registered blind, I know how invaluable I have found audio announcements on the next stops on unfamiliar routes. This technology will be helpful to both residents and visitors alike and I am delighted that people will start to benefit from this new initiative. We are committed to improving the entire bus network through a range of initiatives which not only reduce carbon emissions, but through the provision of a service that meets the needs of local communities.”