15 May 2016

Chichester team celebrating

Its fare to say bus travellers in the area are in for a pleasant surprise. Local bus operator Stagecoach South plans to freeze fares and roll out a number of great ticket deals - guaranteed to make summer taste a little sweeter.

Michael Watson, Regional Director for Stagecoach South explains: “We are freezing our fares, holding them at last year’s prices.”

“But that’s not all,” continues Michael, “we are also slashing the cost of travel at peak times, benefiting many of our customers.”

Travelling at peak time will no longer attract a higher price as Stagecoach South works to simplify its fares for everyone. From Monday 9 May current off peak value tickets will be available all day, every day, helping cut the cost for many its customers.

There’s also huge incentives to get out in the evening, with special priced nightrider tickets costing just £2 to travel anywhere on the Stagecoach South network, stretching from Andover to Brighton.

Michael, pictured with some of the team at Chichester, finished by saying “these really are great, no strings attached offers, which I’m sure our customers will love!”